Nine Stunning Travel Destinations Re-imagined as Apple Posters

Nobody does marketing quite like Apple does marketing. But what if they did? What if, for example, the tourism industry took a leaf from Apple’s book?

Wonder no longer, because the design boffins over at Budget Direct have done just that: they’ve taken a pinch of Apple’s marketing flair, added a soupcon of exotic destinations, and come up with this eye-catching new set of travel posters.


Australia is a land of such contrasts that it’s difficult to imagine a ‘minimalist’ approach to marketing it. So, the designers chose to draw attention to the untamable color above and below water with a studio-made ‘comparison’ ad and a more vernacular snapshot recalling Apple’s Shot On iPhone campaign.


The Land of the Pharaohs did great design first, and thankfully much of it is still around to see today. Tutankhamun’s death mask needs no introduction, while the local baked ka’ak is both elegant and tasty.


Apple’s marketing is as much about attitude as it is about design. You could say the same for the French. The beauty of the baguette or the Eiffel Tower precludes the need for excessive niceties.


It’s hard to imagine Steve Jobs coming up with something quite as baroque as the Corinthian column, although he may well have spent months at a time eating nothing but zucchini fries (who wouldn’t?); but when you consider these Greek specialties for the trend-setting innovations they are, suddenly everything starts to come up a bit more Apple.


While we may associate Japan with Apple-style minimalism, that simplicity contains multitudes. Look at the kimono: just one piece of material (plus a sash) that does so much, particularly when covered in ornate designs and colors. The explosive taste of sushi, too, is a whole lot of bang in a small package.


Apple uses color sparingly and always with impact. That’s just about how you could describe the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni; in fact, the colors, though minimal, are so overwhelming that it takes a moment to appreciate the stunning shapes and textures at play in either the salt flats or the long neck of the flamingo.


The apple comes home in NYC. In fact, The Big Apple may be a very appropriate metaphor for Apple computers, since New York apparently got its name from the disproportionate amount of wealth it drew from ‘the national sap.’ But despite that wealth, there are still thrilling contrasts to be seen in the city, from the enormity of the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building to the artistic hustle of Greenwich Village.


Apple is a forty-year-old computing brand. The Serengeti is a million-year-old landscape. They may appear to have nothing in common. Just that they are each superlative within their respective categories. So that’s what the designers went with. But even the likes of Caruso, Einstein, and Kandinsky, who appeared in Apple’s classic text-only greatest-of-all-time campaign, cannot hold a handle to the epic beauty of Tanzania.


London’s not short of icons – and you can find plenty of one-offs at the ‘posh’ end of The Mall alone. That’s where Buckingham Palace sits, the Queen sleeps, and these poor guards in their bearskin hats walk up and down all day.

Dial up the right directions on your iPhone, and you’re sure to find your way to one of these iconic destinations!

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