Niue – Small Island, But At The Same Time Very Popular Destination

Niue is a small English island located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and northeast of New Zealand. Niue is also the smallest independent country by population in the world. It has an area of only 259 square kilometers. The population of the small island country is about 2000 inhabitants. This is a place where you can enjoy diving, fishing, walking, exploring caves and observation of whales in a relaxed tropical atmosphere – it is a gentle adventure patterned with paradisaical elements, a place where it is quite normal relaxed to talk to strangers, place where nature still is not endangered. The largest city is the capital Alofi, where live almost half the inhabitants of the island. Alofi is a small town, located on the shore of the ocean. Not far from the capital is situated the international airport of Niue, which represent the only connection of the islanders with the world.

The nature of Niue is very beautiful. The island has volcanic origin and for that reason the soil is very fertile. It has a flat terrain and low altitudes, which is usually around 50-60 meters. Most of the territory of the island country has been gripped by dense tropical forests. The shoreline is very specific and the island has almost no beaches.

Niue climate is warm and tropical with heavy rainfall. There are missing too high or too low temperatures. Rainy season coincides with summer in the southern hemisphere and continues from November to April. In addition this part of the year is hurricane season. Summer temperatures are about 27 ° C, but humidity creates even more heat. Better time for tourism in Niue is the winter half of the year, which lasts from May to October. Then the temperature is about 25 ° C.

Due to lack of beaches, Niue still is a very popular tourist destination. Though tourism industry it turns the main source of income for the island nation. In addition, Niue earns from exports of honey and some agricultural products. The official currency of this small island is New Zealand dollar, because the country economically acceded to New Zealand, which is one of the strongest economies in Oceania.

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