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Normandy – The Well Known Region of France

Normandy is a region in northern France which corresponds with the old Duchy of Normandy. It is separated in 2 main parts, the upper and lower Normandy. There are archeological locations that shows human living there in prehistoric times. In the time of 4th to 3rd century BC Belgae and Celts known as Gauls invaded this territory. Then Julius Caesar invaded this lands, after time barbarians have raided the lands of Normandie many times. And the history of Normandy goes with the time till the World War 2 when these shores are connected with D DAY.

Well today, Normandy is a peaceful region with many beauties that can tell this history on many different ways. You just need to visit it and start connecting with the past.

Étretat, Normandy, France

Etretat is a farming and a tourist city in the North France. This city is well known for the cliffs that are unique. This city is also a home to many notable people from the history. Many historians and philosophers were born here. Also there are poets and writers. It is no wonder that the inspiration for those people could be the beautiful nature.

Image by Antonio Ponte via Flickr

Image by Antonio Ponte via Flickr

Image by y.becart via Flickr

Port of Honfleur, Normandy, France

Honfleur is a community in northwestern France. It is especially known for its old, breathtaking port, that is characterised by the houses with slate-covered frontages, many times colored by artists. Here there is a church, the Sainte-Catherine which is the biggest one built by wood in France.

Image by Antonio Ponte via Flickr

Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France

This is an island commune in France. It has unique fortifications from ancient times. The structure of this town shows the feudal society that has built this city. On the top is the God, the abbey and the monastery, below this are the Great Halls, then stores and houses and at the bottom outside the walls are the fishermen’s and farmers’ houses.

Image by Antonio Ponte via Flickr

Fécamp, Normandy, France

Fecamp is another commune that has a great history. It is best known for the ports, harbours and the fishing industry.

Image by Antonio Ponte via Flickr

Bessin, Normandy, France

Normandy will amuse you with another place called Bessin. Here you can find yourself charmed by the magic of the lands of Normandie and the people living in it.

Image by vbernamont via Flickr

Abbey of St. Wandrille (Fontenelle Abbey), Normandy, France

This is a church that has been built in 657. In 756 it was destroyed by fire, but after years in 823-33 it has been rebuilt again.

Image by Antonio Ponte via Flickr

Pont de Normandie, France

A cable-stayed road bridge that connects Le Havre to Honfleur over the river of Seine. It’s length is 2,143 meters. This bridge was started to be constructed in 1988 and after 7 years it was finally opened on 20 January 1995.

Image by via Flickr

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