November Fairytale Places

With or without any special reason for making a trip, November is definitely one of the best months, if not the best one, to make a little getaway. The main two reasons are that even the most touristic places are somewhat less crowded in November while the weather calls you to go on the streets and explore every single corner of the place you decide to visit without having to suffer the warm nor the cold days. Therefore if you feel like making a little escape from your place, feel free to take a look at our suggestions for the following November.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Even though many people do not consider the Balkan countries as an attractive touristic destination, there are innumerous places exactly in those countries that proved all of them wrong. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia is such a place and one of the most beautiful ones on the Balkan. People even call Ljubljana the Amsterdam of Eastern Europe. You would enjoy watching little boats cruising whrough Ljubljanica River, or even experience it. The friendly local people, their culture and their traditional food will make you fall in love with the city as soon as you get there! Furthermore there is a great possibility to enjoy the snowfall which makes the Slovenian capital a real fairytale.

Image by Jorge Franganillo via Flickr

Image by Jorge Franganillo via Flickr

Vienna, Austria

If you are searching for more glamour, a mixture of modern and history, classy and luxury, Vienna is exactly what you are looking for! The Austrian capital is one of the most visited cities worldwide and there are plenty of reasons why. Vienna has been a center for music, opera and theatre events with centuries. The Romanesque and Baroque style is predominant when the architecture is in question. Vienna balls are the most famous ones and this is a fact no one discusses about. The universities of Vienna are one of the most powerful and leading one not just in Europe but in the world as well. As a conclusion, if you didn’t try their traditional wines and coffees but you’ve been there, you better don’t say you visited it! This is a must as it is part of their culture.

Image by Bernd Thaller via Flickr

Image by J. A. Alcaide via Flickr

Image by Roderick Eime via Flickr

Klaipeda, Lithuania

Klaipeda is one of the biggest cities in Lithuania located on the Baltic Sea coast. It is a port city, ice-free one, therefore one of the most important ones for the country. In the past it used to be more populated but the latest researches have shown that there are about 158,000 living there. Klaipeda has an oceanic climate but humid at the same time. In the old city of Klaipeda there can be seen German and Scandinavian architectures which became the trademark of the city. You would enjoy every single walk by the sea or through the city streets exploring the place. It makes no sense to visit this part of Europe but in winter therefore grab you’re your sweaters, book your flight and check it on your onw.

Image by magro_kr via Flickr

Image by Chris Barnes via Flickr

Image by magro_kr via Flickr

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