If You Need a Spiritual Facilitate and Peaceful Enjoyment of Nature Visit the Ostrog Monastery

It is said that faith in people died last. Each of us needs to escape from the dynamic world. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and get rid of internal concerns. It is true that worries are an unavoidable part of life, but their size is reduced if you try to find spiritual peace. If you are wondering how to do it, my advice is to visit monastery.

St. Vasilij helps everyone. Variety of legends, stories and experiences prove that. Amazing believers revealed faith and hope, so that why decided to visit the temple and worship the saint. The celebration of Christ’s birth in the monastery takes place as in every Orthodox Church. Due to the high attendance, clerics decided these days to spend in conversation with believers. That is the only way to keep our hope and to live in harmony and understanding.

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Ostrog monastery is a spiritual sanctuary visit by Orthodox, Catholics and Muslims. There people are not divided according to religion, because faith and hope brings all together. Orthodox Monastery Ostrog is among the most visited in the Balkan. When you mention Ostrog, immediately think of the place where miracles happen. Located on high rocky massive part, about 50 kilometers from the capitol of Montenegro, Podgorica, visits to the monastery increase rapidly year after year.

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Image by David Dufresne via Flickr

The exact date when this object was build is not known. It was founded by the Herzegovinian metropolitan Vasilije in the 17th century and also he was buried there. The lower part of Ostrog is female monastery in which live several nuns and the upper is male. This sanctuary is pretty impressive from the outside and purgation with prayers is made behind its doors. In the Monastery also growing vines, whose branches are given of those couples who cannot have children. Ostrog monastery has wonderful lodgings where you can stay. From the lower to the upper monastery can be walking on the footpath and in that way you can enjoy the view of nature.

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