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Outdoor Getaway: 4 Weekend Staycation Ideas

Those of you who are looking for some vacation ideas on a budget will benefit from some of the most popular staycation ideas. Taking an outdoor getaway is the best way to give your family a great vacation experience without breaking the bank. There are some great ideas that any family can act on with the outdoors to enjoy a special time together.

Every family can find a great outdoor get away, regardless of the state they live in. Exploring the outdoors is also a great way to have fun and help your kids learn about nature. Here are 4 ideas you can explore as a family.

Local Campgrounds

Every state has campgrounds. Finding a local campground that is part of a county or state park is your best option for enjoyment, as well as for safety. You won’t have to venture too far in most cases. Check your county for park options, and you can plan where to plot your tent, or park your camper. Many state parks offer camping cabins, but you’ll need to bring your own silverware and bed linens.

Local Zoos

Many of the larger zoos offer a full day at the zoo with meals and an overnight stay. Most of these are offered to groups, but you can call and ask about a family rate for this overnight. It’s educational, and if you love animals it makes it totally worth it to go.


Treehouses are another great way to enjoy a short staycation. If you can find a provider, whether private or part of a state park, you’ll enjoy watching nature from higher ground. Every kid dreams of a treehouse, and now it’s possible to find more places that offer them. Check listings for hotels and websites that offer private housing for treehouses. You’re sure to find a few!

State Parks

Last but not least, you’ll want to consider a trip to your local state park. Chances are you’ll find more than one. Many state parks offer tours, guided climbing, bus tours, and more.

You’ll need to prepare for the outdoors no matter where you go with the proper footwear and apparel. Hiking boots, shirts, and other apparel like items like those put out by DHD Wear are ideal for being outdoors.

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