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Make Your Outdoor Getaway Worthwhile – Buy the Best Tent in The Market

If you are considering purchasing a camping tent, it is imperative that you buy a model that will satisfy the demands of your hiking or camping adventure. While we don’t have many things that can spoil a camping expedition into the woods, having a wrong tent in a wrong situation can be disastrous and easily ruin the perfect getaway.

This gives you enough reasons to ensure that you comprehensively review the features of a tent before you make a purchase. You have to get the perfect tent for your intended use. For this article, the purpose is to review one of the most versatile tents in the market today – the RV5 OZtent.

Since its release in 2006, the RV5 has rapidly grown to be the most popular tent among camping enthusiasts. You can find OZtent RV5 for sale in several online and offline outlets worldwide. Here are some features that make this tent a top seller:

Quick and Easy Set Up

The practicalities of the OZtent RV5 are amazing. You can single-handedly erect this tent in less than 30 seconds. Unzipped out of the carrier bag, the roll opens out and two arms are swung around. These are the internal frame.

Then, you can peg the four corners or when in a hurry, you can hold it using your body weight inside. Afterwards, lift the top for the side arms to be pushed past centre and then locked in place. You are done!

For purposes of security in extreme windy conditions, the tent has tie downs on its front corners out to the side as well as a two-metre awning that you may unravel and support on the supplied poles. Furthermore, there are usual midway and corner tent peg rings for extra hold down.

Rugged in construction, the zips are tough enough to stand the test of time even when used in sandy or dusty conditions such as the beach or the desert. The tent also has a zippered power cord inlet that keeps the uncanny crawlies at bay.

Quality Design

The tent’s highest point stands at 1.9 metres at the entrance, meaning that you don’t have to stoop so much to pass through the front entrance. Then, the roof slants down slightly to give adequate rain and condensation runoff, before dropping sharply to the ground at the back.

There is plenty of ventilation. The large black window, as well as the entrance, opens through two flaps. Moreover, there are two small windows on the side that allow for cross ventilation. All the windows feature small mesh screens that safeguard you from annoying insects while allowing plenty of fresh air to get through.

The tent body is made from Rip-stop cotton canvas. It is then fixed on a watertight floor tub made from heavy-duty vinyl that is heat-sealed at the corners. You can leave the awning rolled up on the anterior panel for an overnight stay. You can as well deploy it as a flat roof sheet or pop it up with a midpoint gable for improved water-shed.


Your tent is your home whenever you are backpacking. This is the place to go, to escape the unwelcoming weather and enjoy a good night’s sleep. It is, therefore, important to like your tent and get the perfect one for your needs. With only 30 seconds to put up and built from top-quality water-resistant Rip-stop Poly-cotton canvas, the RV5 OZtent, is your ideal tent. There are plenty of OZtent RV5 for sale at Malandy.

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