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Overlooked Items You Should Always Take With You on a Road Trip

Is there any better feeling than hitting the open road? The sense of total freedom and excitement is unparalleled, and you’ll likely look back on a road trip as one of the most memorable times in your life. To make sure your trip is a success, it’s important to plan properly. Getting caught without some essential piece of equipment can turn a minor issue into a disaster. No trip ever goes off without a hitch. Something is bound to go wrong. The key to making the trip work out is to take these smaller issues in stride. Here are four items that will help you do just that.

Jumper Cables

You never know when your battery could die on a trip. A bit of carelessness or simple bad luck can leave you in a bit of a pinch. Finding yourself with a dead car battery is never a great feeling, but it’s not nearly as bad if you’ve got the equipment you need to get yourself going again. With jumper cables, all you need is a friendly motorist to help recharge your battery. Towing should always be a last resort, so don’t skimp on the supplies necessary for getting your car back on the road and driving by its own power.

Tire Iron

A flat tire is about as standard a problem as you can face on the road, so it makes sense to be completely prepared for it. A tire iron is necessary to successfully change to your spare tire. It helps you unscrew the nuts on the wheel and pry the tube from the metal.


In order to change a tyre, you’ll need to lift your car off the ground. Unless you happen to be traveling with a superhero endowed with extra-human strength, the only way to do this is with a jack. Most jacks are small and unobtrusive, meaning there’s no reason not to stick one in your car before you set out.


You never know when you could have car troubles after dark. If your car battery dies at night, you’ll still need to see what you’re doing. Don’t count on your cell phone, since you could find yourself without a charge. A flashlight is a small, essential tool that should live in your glovebox.

To travel smart and to travel safe, make sure your car is fully-equipped before setting out on a road trip. Don’t leave home without these four essentials.

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