Life in Oymyakon – The Coldest Village in The World

Do you think this winter is unbearable cold? Do you think that several centimeters of snow and ice are risky for the whole functioning of the traffic? Then you have never been and you have not seen the coldest place in the world. We are talking about Oymyakon. In the north of Siberia winter lasts almost all year round. The snow squeaks underfoot, polar nights are icy and dark, but the residents of these places have got used to such a climate.

The season for planting and growing of any vegetable and fruits is quite short, so instead of that food, people who living in Oymyakon mostly feed with fish, meat from reindeer or horses, or milk from animals.

Oymyakon in Russia is the coldest village in the world, where in 1993 are measured a record low temperature of -67.7 degrees Celsius. Here the average temperature in January is about -50 degree, and the only way by which you can reach Oymyakon is constantly snowy. Oymyakon is located in a valley surrounded by mountains, which is a great convenience to all the villagers, as the mountains prevent the winds and low temperatures to be even lower. That is why living in Oymyakon is no easy or simple and comes with a package of some interesting challenges. So, in general you should not be surprised if your glasses stick on your face or you spend battery lamp in very short time.

In Oymyakon you will not catch the mobile phone network and even if there is any reception, battery phones would not survive the cold weather. Among other things, if you cannot put the car in the garage with heating, then you have to leave it plugged in all day. Oymyakon has only one shop that supplies all residents with food and necessary items. Due to incredibly low temperatures and frozen ground, all toilets are exclusively outside.

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