10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Barcelona

Barcelona is second large city in Spain with population of 1.6 million people and total area 39.34 square miles.  Also is one of the major economic and touristic places in Spain. The climate in Barcelona is Subtropical-Mediterranean.… Read More


10 Colorful Tokyo Nightscapes

Tokyo is the capital of Japan also known as Tokyo Metropolis. It is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan. Prior to 1868 it was known as Edo. The name Tokyo was given when the emperor and… Read More


Meet Prague Through 9 Magnificent Photos

Prague is the capital and the largest city in Czech Republic. Total area is 191,5 square miles and the population is 1.257 million people. The fourteenth largest city in European Union is Prague. The climate is temperate.… Read More


7 Wonderful Panama Scenes

Panama is a country located in the Central America. It borders with Costa Rica to the west, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. The capital is Panama City.… Read More


6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most beautiful and most visited country in the Eastern Europe. The population in Ukraine is 45.59 million of people and the total area is 603,628 square kilometers. The capital and the most… Read More


8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Norway

Norway or Kingdom of Norway is Scandinavian monarchy and is one of the most beautiful and most visited country in Europe. The population in Norway is 5,109,059 people and total area of Norway is 385,252 square kilometers. The… Read More

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