11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Italy

Definitely is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Europe. The capital and the largest city is Rome. It is located in Southern Europe. The population  is more than 60.92 million people. The climate  is Mediterranean. The… Read More


Siberia the “Sleeping Land”

Siberia is the largest region of Russia. It is consisted of almost whole North Asia. It is extending from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The name comes from the old Turkic language and it… Read More


Pokhara the Sub-Metropolitan City of Nepal

The third largest city of Nepal, Pokhara, is really a paradise for all the travelers and peace lover from around the world. Pokhara, a sub metropolitan city is approximately 200 kilometer west from the capital city… Read More


7 Exclusive Gardens from Japan

Japanese gardens are traditional gardens in which is created the idealised landscapes. Those gardens are noble. They are so beautiful stylised for recreation and peace. There are gardens with buddhist temples that are created for contemplation… Read More

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