8 Golden Sunset Photos

Sunset is the period of the day that is most commonly photoed by photographers. These events of watching the sun hide behind the horizon are so stunning and inspiring. The duration of a sunset never seem… Read More


13 Delightful Snow Sceneries

Finally the spring has come. But for the winter lowers: Don’t worry after 3 more season it will come again. The snow is the representation of the “real” winter. When we say winter or if we… Read More

Food and Drinks

8 Mind Blowing Desserts

Mmmmm desserts! Everyone enjoy in delicious desserts. When you have a guest you want to surprise them. Delicious desserts is the right choice for these. Also delicious  desserts are used in every kind of celebration. The kid’s… Read More


8 of the Best Photography of Indonesia

Indonesia is archipelago in Asia-Pacific region, more specific South Asia. It is composed of 17,000 islands from which around 6,000 are inhabited. Some of the biggest islands are Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, the Nusa Tenggara… Read More

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