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10 Incredible Structures Created by Man

Radio telescopes are used to identify and study naturally-occurring radio light from stars, galaxies, black holes, pulsars and many more astronomical objects. While they are used to receive radio light, we can also use radio telescopes…... Read More


Four Ways to Enjoy An Italian Break

Go on a Golf Holiday When visiting Italy, most people only think of going to see the beautiful structures in Rome, eating delicious cuisine, and sampling gelato while walking down the historic cobblestone streets. However, golf…... Read More


Traditional Summer Celebrations in Rome

The cultural experts at OMNIA Vatican and Rome are getting involved in the local festivities and celebrations happening in Rome this summer. From historic religious festas, to live music events, here are some of the most…... Read More

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Perfect Sailing Getaways

Holiday season is just around the corner and that old yacht is just longing to get back on the seaside. There is nothing more special than sailing on the open sea, swimming in the azure sea…... Read More

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Visit The Best Thai Resort – Pattaya

Everybody knows that Thailand is a country with rich history, Buddhism, mystic river, exotic fruits, tropical forests, traditional Thai cuisine, massage stones and above all friendly people with a wide smile. But, do you know that…... Read More


The Best of Koh Samui

Experiencing the best of Koh Samui is a very difficult and demanding mission as this is the most popular island in the Gulf of Thailand, described by many as a very beautiful and unique piece of…... Read More

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