Pamporovo Offers Ideal Conditions For Skiing Or Vacation

There is something in the air of the Bulgarian mountains causing locals to be healthy and live even a hundred years. This mysterious gift most obvious is to Pamporovo, where the sun shines 270 days a year.

Pamporovo is an ideal destination for lovers of winter hunting and fishing. Among the dense and pine forests, stretching mountain trails designed for tourists. In addition to the satisfaction offered by snow and sun, tourists can enjoy the beautiful swimming pools, saunas, fitness centers, archery, bowling, billiards and other activities. Pamporovo is also known for its cuisine, so many bars and restaurants are a real temptation for tourists.

Pamporovo is a ski resort in southern Bulgaria in which you will surely fall in love. It is located on the branches of the southern Rhodope Mountains, at an altitude of 1620m in the province Smolyan. The climate is mild with Mediterranean influence and Pamporovo with about 150 days under the snow throughout the year offers ideal conditions for skiing or vacation. In January, the average temperature is about 3 degrees, which is good for the thickness of the snow cover to be 140-150 cm throughout the season.

There awaits you mountain where the resort is at an altitude of 1500 meters and 22 slopes are connected with 14 ski lifts that can lift and up to 15,000 passengers per hour. The terrains lie at an altitude of 1450 meters to 1925 meters where the impressive television tower is. Trails are mild and moderate to suit both beginners and average skiers. The terrains are associated with the hotels and the village with buses and vans. Beginners and those who feel more readily have available 5 trails with a total length of 3.1 km. Skiing schools start at 9h in the morning until 16 and 30h in the afternoon. Pamporovo ski school at the same time is rated as one of the best in Europe, with many quality instructors who speak at least two languages.

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