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When a person decides to pay a visit to the great city that is London, he or she is likely to be bombarded with suggestions regarding where to go, what to eat and what to do. While most of the well-meaning advice which is provided to him or her would not be quite out of the ordinary; one place which seems to slip under the radar is Parliament Square Garden. It can be said to be grossly unfortunate if this happens to be the case.

What is to be kept in mind, however, is that while it may not be close to as famous as the Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, Parliament Square Garden is still very significant. As a matter of fact, the Parliament Square Garden finds itself listed as a heritage site as per the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites, which is something that proves its importance as a place to visit when the visitor makes a trip to London.

The Parliament Square Garden is also important as it is a place where rallies are held, which is something which goes a fair way in increasing the significance of the place; as a location. When a visitor is planning a visit to London and would like to pay a visit to Parliament Square Garden, then he or she would not do badly to evaluate the Shaftesbury Hyde Park International as a worthy option when it comes to making the very important choice of. As a matter of fact, the hotel is one which provides the guests who choose to stay at it with good value and location. The proximity of the hotel to this part of London is an added advantage.

When one pays a visit to Parliament Square Garden, he or she should take due cognizance of its location as a factor which has played its role in making it the important landmark that it is in present day. It can be said that if one stands at Parliament Square Garden and starts walking in any direction, he or she will come to a place which has immense and undeniable significance when it comes to the working of the nation. If a person in Parliament Square Garden decides to walk in a northerly direction, he or she will come across the offices of the Executive; in the area of Whitehall.

In a similar vein, walking towards the west from Parliament Square Garden, will lead the visitor to the ultimate seat of judicial power in the country i.e. the Supreme Court in London. If one makes the choice to head in the opposite direction instead, he or she would head towards the Houses of Parliament which all those years ago, Guy Fawkes tried blowing up.

The way to Westminster Cathedral would be to the south. As is evident, it makes so much sense to pay a visit to Parliament Square Garden if a visitor to London would like to see any of these places as there are so many landmarks which can boast of more than a significant amount of gravitas in the area.

The local authority which is responsible for the maintenance of this area is the Greater London Authority and it can be said that it does a fairly good job of it, to say the least and though London happens to be a city with a great number of parks and gardens, especially when the fact that it is so urbanised is taken into account, perhaps the fact that this is one garden which should not be missed rings true because of the ease of being able to pay a visit to it, among the other reasons including that of it being a good place to catch one’s breath by having a dose of fresh air; between visiting the iconic tourist attractions of London which also happen to have great import, to boot.

It is completely true that by paying a visit to Parliament Square Garden, the visitor can begin to understand the true meaning of the place and get a feeling of what an epicentre of power it has been over the years. It can literally be said to be the crossroads at which the highest public offices converge at a single place.

Though it must be admitted that there are loads of public attractions for one to visit when he or she happens to pay a visit to London; be the attractions museums, the night life hubs or cultural centres such as the Royal Albert Hall, though one may be dismiss Parliament Square Garden as just a garden, it would be to the regret of the visitor to the city if he or she were to turn down a visit here.

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