Passage Du Gois – Road That Simply Disappear

Do you want adventure and adrenaline while driving? It is true that driving always brings with it a certain amount of risk, but in some places of the world that risk increases dramatically. In the world there are many roads that are dangerous.

If you are planning a trip to France in the near future, be careful which roads you will pass. Some may simply disappear. Passage Du Gois is the road that connecting the bay with the island Noirmoutier in France. It is interesting that the most of the time the road is underwater.

Twice during each day when the high tide rises, the road Passage Du Gois which is long 2.58 miles disappears 13 feet underwater. It means people can use the road Passage Du Gois twice a day just for a few hours. At the Passage Du Gois you can see special panels on both sides of the road which show when it is safe to use. Although, sometimes people still find themselves caught between the tides, but, fortunately there are elevated rescue towers for victims to climb on them and wait to be rescued. So when you get stuck between waves on Passage Du Gois only thing left for you is to climb on these towers and to wait. You also need to say goodbye to your car.

In the year 1701 for the first time road Passage Du Gois was marked on maps for traveling. Around year 1840 it is provided regular transport line which consisted of transportation by car or riding horses. Today the road named Passage Du Goa is long over 4 kilometers.

This interesting road Passage Du Gois was the proving ground for the cycling Tour de France in 1999. But, due to the slippery surface, contestants falling off and it was abolished as alignment. Every year many adventurers get stuck in tide that comes almost unpredictable.

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