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Peaceful, Fairytale-like Cities Through Europe You Cannot Miss!

There still exist places where you just walk around and wonder if they came out of some fairytale or is that beauty real! Its colorful squares, narrow or wide streets, its beautiful and calm parks where one enjoys walking in order to forget about everything and disconnect for a moment, its rich history and specific smell, yet delicious traditional food and drinks makes them an irresistible place for visiting. Among the innumerous such cities, especially in Europe, we made a list of five best and highly-recommendable ones.

Wolfenbuttel, Germany, Europe

Wolfenbuttel is a spectacular city in the region of Lower Saxon in Germany. It is worldly known for being the home to the Jagermeister distillery. It has only about 52.000 inhabitants which makes it less noisy yet perfect place for a relaxing holiday away from the crowded big cities.

Image by dm1795 via Flickr

Image by dm1795 via Flickr

Image by dm1795 via Flickr

Tremosine, Italy, Europe

How about a long walk among the beautiful nature and the colorful surrounding of Tremosine. This Italian beauty is located by the Lake Garda. Better said it’s not a city but rather a town with a total population of only about 2.000 inhabitants.

Image by Jürgen Mangelsdorf via Flickr

Image by iv78x via Flickr

Image by giasco via Flickr

Pamplona, Spain, Europe

The historical capital city of Navarre could not me an exception on the list of the best places to visit. Its rich history is the reason number one to go there. It is well-known worldwide for its event during the San Fermin festival, which is running of the bulls.

Image by thierry llansades via Flckr

Image by thierry llansades via Flckr

Leuven, Belgium, Europe

Leuven is the capital city of the province of Fremish Brabant in Belgium. If you ever wanted to enjoy your stay somewhere with the best beer in the world, Leuven is waiting for you. It’s the eighth largest city in Belgium with a population of about 100.000 inhabitants.

Image by Carolien Coenen via Flickr

Image by Hühnerauge via Flickr

Sintra, Portugal, Europe

Sintra is considered to be a part of the Portuguese Riviera and a municipality in the Grande Lisboa subregion with a population of about 378.000 inhabitants according to the latest research. The Sintra-Cascais National Park, the Sintra Mountains, the Sintra National Palace the Castelo dos Mouros and a lots of more beautiful places one can visit are the things that represent the beauties of this Portuguese outstanding place.

Image by mariusz kluzniak via Flickr

Image by Sagrario Gallego via Flickr

Image by Neticola Sny via Flickr

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