Peru – Destination With Rich History And Beautiful Landscapes

When you travel somewhere, you surely will look for the whole experience of the trip to collect in those days. For people is quite typical to seek the best of all – the smell of the ocean, the view of the mountains, major capitals with cultural events or to experience the offers an active vacation. Destination Peru is blessed because it has literally everything a bit, so this is one destination which is located on the wish list of all great travelers.

Peru lays at the magic of Amazon and Anda which represent the major attractions of this country. It does not leave anyone indifferent. Archaeological treasures and finds not end with Machu Picchu, because Peru owns many other empires located in the northern part of the state.

Rich history, beautiful surreal landscapes, monuments and picturesque scenery, it is the key reason why you also should visit Lima, the capital of Peru. If you visit Lima for first time, prepare to see the museum Lark Herrera, monastery of Santo Domingo and the city’s cathedral, where is located the tomb with the body of the famed Francisco Pizarro. Than before you go to lunch at one of the city’s best restaurants “La Marre”, stop obligatory at Parque del Amor which is located in Miraflores District, where you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the Pacific. In the Holy Valley is located “Tambo del Inka”, hotel that is definitely one of those which are placed in the best locations in the Andean region.

Designed as a mountain resort, it offers unmatched luxury, divine spa center, indoor and outdoor pool and is the perfect place for relaxation. After that phenomenal experience, visit the city of Cusco. The city was the capital of the Inca Empire and is rich in monuments from the time of the Incas and later Spanish colonization in the town.
It is obvious that from Peru you will return with great impressions, vivid souvenirs and memorable experiences.

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