Pet-Friendly Living Room: The Best Tips to Protect Your Furniture

Your pet is a big part of your family. You love and care for them, but sometimes their playfulness can get the better of them and cause them to damage your furniture. From chewing to hair everywhere, your home may be suffering from your pet and need help quick. These handy tips can provide you the help you need to protect your furniture from your pet.

Go with the Right Color Choice

One of the easiest ways to keep your furniture looking its best is to select a colored fabric that will blend in with your pet’s hair color. While this may seem counterintuitive, it actually will work to hide pet hair. Keep in mind that dark fabrics will show every single hair that your pet has so lovingly left behind for you. Light-colored fabrics will also show black pet hair easily.

Choosing fabrics that will mask the appearance of your pet’s hair can give your home a cleaner appearance. Patterns also work well to hide pet hair on furniture.

Choose Washable Accessories

Keeping your pet off of the furniture may seem like an impossible task. You can help to remove the pet hair build up by selecting accessories that can easily be popped into the washing machine. Pillows, blankets, and curtains should be able to be washed as frequently as you need them. This can help to keep your pet’s hair to a minimum on these surfaces. This is a simple way to protect your furniture that is easy to keep up with.

Pick the Right Material

The fabric of your furniture also makes a difference in the wear and tear from your pet. Purchasing furniture that is made of microfiber, leather, Ultrasuede or pleather are all good options. Make sure they are stain-resistant and can take the abuse of your pet jumping up and down with their nails on its surface. By selecting a durable and stain-resistant fabric, you can ensure that your furniture lasts longer, even with a lot of use by your pet.

Use Rugs and Throws for Protection

Your floors and furniture need protection from your pet. Laying rugs on hardwood floors or carpets can minimize the amount of pet hair that will get trapped on them. Carpets absorb odors, and when your pet’s dander and hair get caught in its fibers, it can make your home smell a little on the funky side. Use rugs in high traffic areas to keep your pet’s hair in a more concentrated area that can easily be washed.

In addition, you’ll also want to use throws on your couch, loveseats, and chairs to keep pet hair off these surfaces. Both rugs and throws can easily be washed if you choose the right fabrics. This will keep your pet’s hair in areas that can be cleaned and offer your furniture and floors longer wear.

Look for Durable Construction

Accidents happen, especially when your pet is at play. They can easily bump a table, tip over a lamp, or run into a decorative vase. This doesn’t have to be a heartbreaking moment if you choose furniture that is built to last. Look for sturdy designs that can take a little abuse and won’t tip over easily.

Save your delicate furniture items for rooms that are off-limits to your pet. More rugged furniture can take a few bumps and bruises, allowing your pet to have all the fun they want in your house without the worry of damaging an item that means a lot to you.

There is no reason that you have to let your pet take over your home. Keeping these simple tips in mind can ensure your furniture is protected and stays looking pristine, even when your pet makes it their new favorite place to sleep.

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