Piran – Old Town With Unique Cultural Heritage

If you are a romantic soul and you enjoy walking along the sea, we recommend you to visit the city of Piran.

It is a town of 4,062 inhabitants, the administrative center of the eponymous municipality in the southwest of Slovenia. The origin of the name has not been established with certainty. However, it is possible, the city name to come from the Greek word ‘pyr’ which means fire, due to the lighthouse located on the tip of the peninsula. The city resembles a large open-air museum with medieval architecture and rich cultural heritage.

It is an old town which has unique cultural landscape. Institute for Mediterranean Heritage Research Center of the Coastal University, in collaboration with the Municipality of Piran and other institutions for the protection of heritage, have made technical base for the nomination of the city of Piran and its natural environment for UNESCO.

Piran peninsula has a very convenient location. It has mountain ridge to the north protect it from the wind and steep slopes and bay on the eastern side provide a good overview of the only access from the mainland. Narrow, crowded streets connected to each another are the basic structure of this very beautiful place. Tartini Square is a real treasure of Piran, which is located in the city center. It is named after the famous fiddler and composer Giuseppe Tartini, who was born in this romantic city. St. George, the patron of Piran, rises above the city and from there you can have an amazing view.

In order to preserve the peace to tourists and locals, citizens of Piran have installed ramp road at the entrance to the city. So, if you came with car you can enter only by paying a fee. But, at the same time make sure that everyone who wants to come into the city of Piran can do it for free, by bus with no windows which drives silent, on electricity.

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