The Place Where You Can Enjoy Your Vacation

Want a vacation that is memorable for you and your family? Then there is no other destination in Southeast Asia that draws crowds like Thailand. It is famous for its colorful botanical gardens,  famous for its golden riverside temples and palaces, and its beautiful beaches and dense forests. Immerse yourself in wonder and mystery, and visit a temple after hours, or you may stay at a resort where you can care for, walk,  and bathe with elephants.

The People And Its Culture

It is rooted in the ancient customs of Siam where refinement, traditional customs, and indebtedness toward parents, courtesy,  the teachers and caretakers account for family organization and values. The Royal family is much loved and revered by all the people of Thailand, while Thailand is a Constitutional Monarchy ruled by a military junta in all practical matters. Thailand has its own sport which is touted as one of the most difficult and bloody around, unlike other Asian nations which share a love for football and the karate type arts. Muay Thai is done with punches, knees, kicks, elbows,  and body blows similar in some ways to boxing and in other ways to a free-for-all. This type of fighting skills was developed centuries ago when Thai men were captured by the Burmese army and were forced to fight each other as a prison sport.

What To Do When In Thailand

  • The Grand Palace – this was the main palace for the King of Thailand until 1925 and it’s now for ceremonial purposes used.

  • Dusit Palace Park – it is attributed to the king that reigned from 1868 – 1910 who is the same king that the book, play, and movie – “The King and I” – which was based on.
  • The Royal Thai Elephant Museum – it is the original stables that housed the Royal White Elephants and part of the complex of buildings in Dusit Palace Park.

  • Siam Niramit – try to catch the Siam Niramit show when you are in need of a break from touring palaces and temple complexes.
  • Chiang Mai – this city is in the northern part of Thailand and it is enclosed with the old and new in a most charming way.

  • Chiang Mai Zoo – there is Panda exhibit, the aquarium tunnel with rare fish from Thailand and other parts of Asia and the Aviary that is more than just a housing land animals common to Asia and Africa.
  • Chiang Mai Night Safari – introducing and educate children and adults on exotic animals because some of which are part of the endangered list it is another great adventure experience for the entire family is part of the Doi Suthep Pui National Park activities.

  • Krabi’s Koh Muk and Tham Morakot (Emerald Cave) – this is the perfect area for those nature lovers who wish to swim, dive and view some of the most beautiful corals growing in the Emerald colored waters.

  • Wat Rong Khun – it is not far from the city of Chiang Mai where you can catch the White Buddhist Temple with a golden restroom if you are in the area.

When To Go On A Vacation In Thailand

In between November and February would be the best time to go to areas in the lower elevations such as Phuket or Bangkok when both temperature and humidity remains at its best. And the best time to visit the northern areas such as Chiang Mai province and Chiang Rai is during the dry season between November and May since Monsoon spans between June and October.

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