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Places That Are Characterized By Their Unusualness – Part 1

This is list of unusual places, which are slightly different from the regular ones when it comes to exotic. But, in any case they are equally impressive and admirable. Please see the following extraordinary places on the Earth.

1. Door to Hell (Turkmenistan)

This frightening name of the place was given by the locals in the nearby town of Darvaza. We are talking about crater 70 meters wide, which burning without stopping for 35 years. In 1971 geologists who drilled the mountain in order to find deposits of gas, found a large underground tank, which caused the ground under them to collapse. Since then, the pit is filled with poisonous gases and experts are hoping that will burn for several days. Unfortunately, the calculations are shown incorrect, so the crater continues to burn to this day.

2. Meteoric crater (USA)

This meteoric crater was created by an asteroid impact which was traveling at 43,000 km / h. and is 70 km. east of Flagstaff, in the deserts of northern Arizona. This “galactic” phenomenon was created 50 000 years ago when the local climate on the Colorado Plateau was much cooler and with lower pressure. The crater has a volume of about 4 km and is about 180 meters deep. For several decades, the crater is located on stamps in the US and is visited by over 80,000 tourists annually.

3. Great Dune of Pyla (France)

Great Dune of Pyla is 3 km long, 500 meters wide and 100 meters high. It is apart from one side facing the sea, from all other sides is encircled with forests. It is a favored destination for lovers of paragliding and the top offers spectacular scenery that you cannot experience in any other place.

4. Pond Don Juan (Antarctica)

With 40% salt, this lake has the most salty water on Earth. The name it was received from two pilots who were the first to investigated in 1961, Don Roe and John Hickley. It is a small lake only 1 meter deep, but is so salty that even standard temperature of minus 30 degrees, cannot freeze it. It is salted even 18 times more than the standard sea water. It has 8 times salted seawater compared to the Dead Sea.

Places That Are Characterized By Their Unusualness – Part 2

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