Places That Are Characterized By Their Unusualness – Part 2

This is list of unusual places, which are slightly different from the regular ones when it comes to exotic. But, in any case they are equally impressive and admirable. Please see the following extraordinary places on the Earth.

5. Mount Roraima (Venezuela, Brasil and Guyana)

Mount Roraima is really impressive place. This is a mountain with a flat or plate top, from whose sides down into the deep are seen 400 foot cliffs. On top of the mountain it rains almost every day, which naturally destroys all “nutritional” substances from the soil. So, there cannot grow any plants and that creating a unique landscape.

6. Socotra (Yemen)

The picturesque island of Socotra in Yemen is a place with extraordinary beauty where there are 825 plant species of which 37 percent are endemic, while 90 percent of the animals cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Those who have visited say that is really worth seeing at least once.

7. Rotorua (New Zeland)

Rotorua is a city on the southern shores of the lake with the same name, in the region Bay Of Plenty, in the North Island in New Zeland. The city is known for geothermal activity, with a number of geysers, from which the most famous is the Pohutu. It is also known by the healing mud, which you can found in the city. Rotorua is known for the smell of rotten eggs, which comes from geothermal sources. If you ever visit New Zeland – this is a city that you must see. The thermal sources are a miracle of nature that is absolutely fantastic.

8. Waterfalls Guaira (between Brasil and Paraguay)

Located on the Parana River, waterfalls Guaira, in total volume, are the largest waterfalls on earth. 600,000 cubic meters of water falling from the waterfall each second, compared with about 25,000 in the second of Niagara Falls.

Places That Are Characterized By Their Unusualness – Part 1

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