Places to Visit While in Arizona

Whether you find yourself in Arizona for a romantic getaway or as part of a group trip, there are certain areas you simply cannot fail to visit while in the state. Arizona is home to some of the most beautiful natural formations on the planet, causing millions to flock to the state each year for their chance to enjoy the fun. No matter the reason, you are sure to find that Arizona is a state with many exciting places to see and visit during your time inside its borders.

The Grand Canyon

This is by far one of the largest attractions in America, and many tourists from all corners of the globe visit the state just to enjoy a day exploring the spectacular views found there. This incredible natural formation was carved out by the Colorado River, and is a testament to the sheer power of nature and time when they work together. Natural orange, red, yellow, and more colors can be seen in the many layers of rocks, and they seem to glow during the morning and evening hours when the sun is close to the horizon. You can even choose a Grand Canyon tour to ensure you get to see the best areas.

Las Vegas

When travelling through Arizona, it is possible to book a Las Vegas tour designed to ensure you get to enjoy all the most exciting locations. For a Las Vegas bus tour, the best option is Gray Line Las Vegas. A bus tour in Las Vegas is not only cost-effective, but will bring you to the most exciting attractions as well as give you the opportunity to have some exciting fun with your travel companions. When moving through this part of the world, Las Vegas travel is more exciting when you have professionals do the hard work on your behalf.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is something absolutely breathtaking to see, with a large expanse of deep blue water, desert landscapes, and imposing stone walls creating a unique view. In addition to the canon, you can also find Lake Powell, one of the largest lakes created by man in the U.S. This lake is a sight to behold in of itself that many thousands of people enjoy. To create the lake, the Glen Canyon Dam was completed in 1964. The enormous structure is enough to excite any traveler looking to find something unlike anything they may have seen in the past.

Monument Valley

The location for many big budget films and the favorite site for thousands of photographers, the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is right on the border of Utah and Arizona. This impressive landscape feels larger than life with its enormous, jagged rock formations, imposing buttes, and towering sand dunes. You may choose to take a guided tour or photography tour through the region to ensure you do not find yourself lost while exploring. You could also simply stop at a safe location and watch the wildlife go about its business as you take pictures and build memories in this spectacular location of Arizona.

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