5 Places to Visit on the Black Sea in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Black Sea Coast covers the entire eastern part of Bulgaria. Stretched from the Romanian Black Sea Resorts from the north, to the European Turkey to the south, this coastline of the Bulgarian Black Sea is long 378 km. Around one third of the total Black Sea Coastline in Bulgaria is golden sandy beaches, 130 km to be exact.

Summer times spent on Bulgarian Black Sea are known for the unforgettable and endless with parties. The nightlife is unique and the Bulgarian people are very hospitable.

Black Sea is also known as a wild sea, and often having high tides. The tides are also referred as a “Black Bears” by the people there.

Golden Sands, Varna

Golden Sands is a very popular places on the Black Sea in Bulgaria. The beaches are long and wide with fine and “golden” sands.

Image by Richard Till via Flickr

Image by Christoph Würbel via Flickr

Sunny Beach, Nesebar

Sunny Beach is the most popular beach “resort” in Bulgaria. It is located just north of Nesebar. The beach strips over 10 km in length and somewhere it is wider then 60 m. It is one of the most visited places on the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Nesebar on the other hand is ancient town. It is often referred as a “Pearl of the Black Sea” or “Bulgarian Dubrovnik”.

Image by the.world.is.happy via Flickr

Image by Patrick G. via Flickr

Dyuni Beach, Dyuni Holiday Village, near Sozopol

Dyuni Beach is a 4.5 km long and up to 100m wide beach. This Black Sea beach is covered iwth fine golden sands and natural sand dunes. The sea here is safe and clam, while the beach is hilly and forested.

Image by Borislav Dimitrov via Flickr

North Beach, Primorsko

Primorsko is a place that is preffered by young Bulgarians. The beach stretch over 10 km of golden sand. The sea is shallow, warm and with sandy bottom.

Image by Deian Vladov via Flickr

Albena Beach, near Varna

Albena Beach is a perfect place for family holidays. It is away from the hustle bustle and it is very calm place. The sea bottom descends slowly and makes it perfect for younger people.

Image by the.world.is.happy via Flickr

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