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Planning A Trip To Nevada? Here’s What You Should Visit

The beautiful desert town of Nevada is carefully nestled between the cities of California and Utah. You could be visiting Nevada for a family getaway or a bachelor party at gambling town Las Vegas. Whatever be your reason, you cannot afford to return to your home without paying a visit to some of the most breathtaking sites in the town. In this article, we have tried to develop a list of adventure sports, historic landmarks, and scenic locations in Nevada that would still every tourist’s heart. Are you ready to explore Nevada? Read on!

Reno Arch

A trip to Nevada is incomplete without a visit to Reno. It is popular as “The Biggest Little City in the World,” as Reno has all the amenities of a city, despite its tiny size. The city spreads over 22 miles along the Nevada-California border, and you can see all the Reno attractions in less than a day. The shining neon lights, museums, pubs, and casinos will keep you busy all day and night long while in Reno. Do not miss the iconic Reno Arch, which is a historic structure erected in 1926.

Great Basin National Park

After a night of casino and pub hopping, if you wish to take a break from the busy city life, head to the Great Basin National Park. Located in easter, Nevada, the mountain-hugging drive is breathtaking and would leave you in awe. You can spend a whole day exploring the marble Lehman caves, stalactites, and the wildlife at the national park.

The spectacular elevations, mountain terrain, cascading streams, and the 4000-year-old pine trees would set this trip apart from everything that you have ever seen. If you wish to hike the mountains and take in the beauty of the national park entirely, you can plan a three-day-long trip. As there are numerous staying and camping options available around the park, you wouldn’t have a challenge coming back for a fresh day of adventure.

National Bowling Stadium

The 363,000 square-foot ten-pin bowling Stadium in Reno is famous for its unique construction. It is built to resemble a huge bowling ball. Besides having 78 bowling lanes, it also has a full-service bar, a dining area that can host around 64 guests, and a large screen TV for you to enjoy a match while you take a break from bowling. All this makes it a popular tourist hub. Did you know that the National Bowling Stadium can accommodate over 1,100 spectators at a time?

Ken Lund from Reno, Nevada, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe

If you are vacationing in winter and wish to trek on snow-covered mountains, make sure you include Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe in your itinerary. Besides trying numerous snow sports, you can also relax and enjoy the view from 8,260 feet of Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe while fellow tourists try snowboarding and skiing. If you are a fan of adventure and would like to try winter sports, you can rent equipment from the facilities available on the hilltop.

Watching the snowflakes glisten when the sun rays hit the surface and admiring the lush greenery of the pine cone trees would give your soul much-needed stress relief. You could also enjoy a movie in the theater or go for an indoor GoKarting if you are not a fan of trying outdoor adventure. If you just need a break from your routine and wish to enjoy the marvelous nature, do it with a relaxing spa day at the Secret garden.

Black Rock Desert

After exploring the snows mountain caps of Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe, treat yourself to another extreme of nature’s wonder. Yes, we are talking about a trip to the Black Rock Desert. The semi-arid region filled with lava beds and playa makes it an iconic sight. The desert is magical in itself, but if you wish to see it come alive, you need to visit it during the Burning Man event when the desert is vibrant, bustling, and a temporary home for over 60,000 music and art lovers.

Even if you happen to miss the Burning Man event, do not worry. The Black Rock Desert has numerous attractions that would be worth exploring. The desert has a distinct mix of sand, trees, mountains, and hot springs. You can purchase pottery and original paintings at the Planet X Pottery, which offers a breathtaking contrast to the desert as it is full of birds, butterflies, plants, and flowers. You could also try the Old Yella Dog Ranch and spend a night there or try their RV Camping. If you are a fan of the old cowboy movies, don’t forget to click a few pictures at the Iveson Ranch.

Which of these places have you been to, or do you plan on visiting? Do let us know in the comments section!

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