Planning an Amazing Tour of Abruzzo to Discover Authentic Italy

Despite being a part of Central Italy geographically, Abruzzo’s culture showcases many cultural traits of the country’s southern regions. When this tendency to connect with different socio-cultural origins combines with down-to-earth nature, it translates into something unique and authentic. Add to that the national parks, the regional park, and the many nature reserves; you have the perfect setting to experience natural authenticity – the kind desired by so many today’s travellers.

The Greenest Region in Europe by the Adriatic Sea

In Abruzzo, the most precious resources are the forests and the greens. With one-third of its regions in the protected areas, it is the greenest region in Europe. Three Italian national parks call it their home, housing around 75% of the continent’s flora and fauna species. The Sirente-Velino Regional Park and other natural reserves add to the variety further.

It’s not just the wilderness with blooming flowers and trees; Abruzzo also enjoys the blessings of the Adriatic Sea in its eastern part. The Trabocchi coastline, in particular, is super authentic in its entire 54-kilometer stretch. Moreover, a trip along the coast could take you to some of the most rural fishing villages in the region. There, the fishermen themselves manage some authentic seafood restaurants to satisfy your cravings.

A Cuisine That Prepares Seafood in Unique Recipes

A man is what they eat – an old saying that finds new meaning in Abruzzo. The region and her people take food very seriously, with pretty much everything coming from nature. Whether it’s cheese, extra-virgin olive oil, tomato sauce, or wine – the Abruzzesi produce everything locally with their taste and personality all over the recipes.

The food habits of the locals are a match for any Italian culinary region. It also showcases the area’s unique characteristics, with a penchant for fish, meat, and tomato broth. Brodetto alla Vastese is the favourite dish here, with sheep skewers grilling a part of any home party. The region also produces some award-winning salamis and excels in the usual Italian dishes like spaghetti alla chitarra, and dried red pepper.

Heritage, Activities, and the Castle in the Sky

A popular destination among the local skiers, the region has some 385km ski slopes in total. The slopes at Roccaraso and Pecasseroli are the best, with little to no crowd most of the time. And for the heritage explorers, Abruzzo has the highest mountain fort in Italy in Rocca Calascio at 1,500 meters above sea level. Whereas, Sulmona – one of its medieval towns, is the birthplace of Confetti and poet Ovid.

Speaking of the medieval, quaint towns of Abruzzo, there is nothing quite like Vasto. It is a hilltop town of Ancient Rome with medieval buildings and cosy streets. Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, the town offers the perfect point to start exploring Abruzzo. You will also find some local tour operators here to plan your trip like a local. To get more information, please visit

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