Planning a Weekend Getaway? 5 Ways to Explore a New City

There is nothing more exciting than visiting a new city. After a long week of work and anticipation, it is finally time for the weekend getaway. In an attempt to make this trip unforgettable, here are five exciting ways to visit a new city.

Meet the Locals

Whether visiting a city nearby or across the country, the locals are bound to have a unique and vibrant culture to share. Meeting locals can be a great way to experience this culture and the city itself. After all, nobody knows the way around a city better than a local. Bars, restaurants and other public areas are great places to meet friendly locals. There are also websites and forums dedicated to matching up locals with visitors.

Try Something Unique to the City

Every city is known for something specific and unique. For example, Green Bay is known for cheese, Chicago is known for deep dish pizza and Philadelphia is known for cheesesteaks. Other cities are known for certain activities, sports or hobbies. Trying out each of these unique activities is a great way to experience a new city. There is a reason that cities are known across the country for something specific. You can also discover local art by using an online directory, like Art Privee, to find the best museums in the city you’re traveling to.

Wander around and Get Lost

While the main attractions in a city shouldn’t be missed, there is always more to see off the tourist path. The best way to see the real side of a new city is by getting lost. Visitors can start in the most popular area and randomly choose a direction. Everything that catches one’s attention should be followed.

Try All of the Local Food

Food is one of the best parts of traveling. Each city will have unique dishes that have to be tried. Visitors should start in the street to see if there are any vendors or food trucks. These dishes are typically more authentic and cheaper. There are many restaurants that will have local cuisine available as well.

Hit the Tourist Highlights

Each city will have at least a few tourist highlights. While these may not be the most exciting features of a new city, they still have to be seen. It is recommendable to visit these sights as soon as possible. This way, visitors can decide whether the attractions are worth more time in the future.

Visiting a new city is an exciting and enjoyable vacation. These trips represent an easy getaway that can turn into a lasting memory. These five tips can help make a new city become and old favorite.

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