Ponts des Arts – The Most Romantic Place in Paris

Paris is known as the City of Light, as well as the city of love and wine. Over the Seine River bridge is “Ponts des Arts” which is considered the most romantic place in the city where on the fence is put padlocks which symbolize eternal love.

” Ponts des Arts ” bridge was built in 1804 and has nine arches. In addition to daily visit couples from around the world, this place is a gathering place of artists for the beautiful view of the city. If you are planning to visit the capital of France, this place you must see.

Over the years, the bridge became flooded with padlocks left by lovers couples from around the world. On the padlocks, write names or message for the couple has a special meaning. Tradition is after you lock the padlock on the fence, you should throw the keys to the river.

If you want this summer to explore some new unusual places than we suggest to visit the bridge “Ponts des Arts” in France.

Image by Martyn Davis  via Flickr

Image by Claude Attard via Flickr

Image by Fabrizio Sciami via Flickr

Image by Alex. Louis Engival via Flickr

Image by Carmen Eisbär via Flickr

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