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Possibility of Disappearance – Amazing Places That Must Be Visited by 2050 – part 1

The earth is a luxury, dynamic and infinitely amazing places. From the frozen floes, to the rain forest and everything between, our dear planet is home to diverse landscapes and wonderful creations of people. However, due to the climate changes, raising sea levels and our actions, many of these amazing scenes might not live to be viewed from the next generation. Since the 19th century, the industrialization of the world’s sea level grew an average of 2 millimeters per year. It sounds insignificant, but with time it becomes a serious problem. As a result, the oceans will flood numerous islands and coastal areas of the mainland. See the list of the most endangered places.

1. Maldives, Indian Ocean

Maldives is an island country with the lowest altitude. The highest point is 2.3 meters and the average is all in all 1.5 meters. If the level of the world’s oceans continues to rise, the Maldives will become the first country that will be swallowed by the sea due to global warming.

2. Venice, Italy

The city of Venice is technically archipelago formed from more than 100 islands linked together by bridges and canals. However they sink, so more often happens the tourists with boots to enclose the sights in the main square.

3. Glacial National Park, Montana (USA), Alberta and British Columbia (Canada)

As temperatures continue to rise, glaciers Glacial National Park slowly melt away. Glaciers shrink and that affecting the entire area and the ecosystem that surrounds them.

4. Netherlands

Netherlands throughout its history is known for taking away land from the sea by building dams, but it can happen to lose a part of the territory in the next century.

5. Seychelles, Africa

Another island nation with stunning scenery, 115 islands known as the Seychelles are on the verge of sinking and flooding. New attempts to sustainable energy with large financial donations from friendly countries lead to reducing the chances of damage.

6. Taj Mahal, India

This symmetrical masterpiece, several centuries old, is new on this list. Due to the weight and the lack of structural integrity of modern buildings, the Taj Mahal is threatened to collapse.

7. Bangladesh, South Asia

Bangladesh lies in the delta of the Ganges and Brahmaputra. Global warming could be fatal for this country and to swallow up 50% of its territory if sea levels rise by 1 meter.


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