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Prague, Vienna, Budapest – 7 Days Central Europe Itinerary

The whole region of Central Europe is a great holiday destination for everyone seeking to have quality time learning about the history, sightseeing, relaxing, and trying out the flavors of European culture. However, if this is your first time spreading wings above Central Europe, it might help you to look through our one-week itinerary. So now, let’s see!

If you are determined, 7 days is a long enough time to explore more than three cities, but let’s not get carried away! Instead, it might be best for you to consider spending a little bit of time in Prague, Vienna, and Budapest, as they are close enough so that you will not have to spend a lot of time traveling from one to the other, and that way you will get to explore more thoroughly, without rushing!

Days 1-2: Budapest

Two days in Budapest is just the right amount to see the most important attractions, have some time to get the real feel of the Hungarian culture, and kick off your Eurotrip!

You should definitely visit the Buda Castle, take a stroll along the Dunaby River, and wait for the night to fall so that you can see the magnificence of the Parliament. In your two days here, make sure to try out the traditional cuisine and hang out with the cool people of Hungary.

Jump on the Budapest to Prague train for the next part of your trip! The journey continues!

Days 3-4: Prague

Welcome to the Czech Republic! Are you ready for stunning architecture, an autumny mood, and great drinks? A couple of days here, and you will be planning a come-back later in the year, trust us.

Take a stroll along the Charles Bridge, one of the top attractions in the city. It connects the Old Town to the Prague Castle, so there will be something to see once you set off and something to see at the finish line! Prague Castle comprises several buildings and areas, so take your time exploring and, if possible, we recommend a guided tour to clear things up!

Try to divide your time so that you can still visit some of the most important historical monuments, like St. Vitus Cathedral, the Astronomical Tower, or the old Jewish Ghetto.

Days 5-7: Vienna

After getting off the Prague to Vienna train, you have reached the finale of your trip! We suggest spending three days in Vienna since there are simply too many things to see and explore, so let’s get right into it.

You could start by exploring the Imperial Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens to see more of the Baroque style and learn about the Habsburg rulers. Later on, visit the official residency of all Hungarian rulers – the intricate Hofburg Palace.

If you get tired of strutting around the royal mansions, you might find it interesting to visit the Vienna Zoo, with more than 700 different animals and species. Some of them are very exotic, ones you would not think to see in Europe!

If Vienna seduced you by having heard of the art and music, then you must see the Albertina Museum and Albertina Modern. And, of course, the highlight of your trip, and every traveler’s dream – the Vienna State Opera House. One of the world’s largest and most splendid theaters awaits every tourist, just to shower you in striking performances, great voices, and stunning shows. Explore its French, Early Rennaisance style of design, as well!

As you can see, seven days is a perfectly reasonable amount of time to get into the routine and lifestyle of Central Europe. Hopefully, our itinerary has steered you in the right direction, but keep in mind – that it is always a good idea to get a little lost and a little spontaneous! So make the best of it and good luck!

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