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Puerto Rico Set To Revolutionize The Tourism Industry With New Customer Service Initiative

Against all odds, tourism is booming. Despite the tragedy which hit the island last year, Puerto Rico has seen tourism continue to grow. With a third of the year still to go, early reports show a 12% rise on last summer’s sales through the peak holiday period. Now heading into the off-season, plans are being made to boost the industry further still.

At the core of these plans, a partnership with ALICE will produce a customer service platform that encompasses the whole of Puerto Rico’s tourism face. Through technology, it’s hoped both visitors and locals will benefit alike.

Who Or What Is ALICE?

Founded only four years ago, ALICE is an app-based system. This app connects businesses and customers through their network. Originally launched to improve the global hotel industry, ALICE has now expanded operations across the whole of the hospitality sector. The aim of everything they do is to improve communication and improve the customer’s experience whilst using a given service.

Alice are now established as the industries leading operations platform. Their latest project is a partnership with both the government-owned Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) and New York-based, Roca Marketing. The result of this is the creation of “My Puerto Rico”. Unlike any other mobile application, this is essentially a concierge service for a whole area. For tourism-focused businesses in Puerto Rico, this also provides an opportunity to grow.

An Upward Trend

Almost a full year after Hurricane Maria landed, the storm’s effects are still rippling through the island. Only at the end of last month was power restored to all residents. Yet tourists have not been deterred from traveling here for leisure this summer.

The number of tourists visiting the island has steadily risen over the past 25 years by around 33%. With 5.2 million tourists arriving during 2017, this was reported to be the first year the island saw visitor spending break the $4 million barrier. With much of this money being fed into local businesses, this year’s increase is a welcome boost to the economy. Looking to the future, this growth is something the local government wishes to maintain.

My Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the first tourist destination to use this approach. As such, there will be many interested eyes watching how events unfold. If successful, this project will be copied in many cities across the world. Furthermore, success will see Puerto Rico earn more money through tourism.

Businesses directly involved with this scheme will receive invaluable feedback from their customers. For all businesses on the island, it’s important to continue their own independent marketing campaigns. From Radio and social media to print press and email marketing, the new app will not replace existing advertising. What it will do is provide a new tool for businesses to use.

Puerto Rico has spent many years trailing its Caribbean neighbors in terms of tourism. Now, however, it has an opportunity to become a stronger force in the area. In a time of rebuilding, it looks like the island could well bounce back stronger than ever.

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