The Pure Beauty of Redang Island in Malaysia

We all love to travel every now and then to somewhere that is interesting and new to us. There are many places in the world to travel around and you should definitely don’t waste your chance that you get to explore all those places. You should research a lot of in order to find out the best places to visit when you plan to make a travel with your family, friends, office mats and other loves ones. Malaysia is a great place in the world that offers many attractions to tourists around the world. Redang Island is a great attraction of the country and you shouldn’t miss it if you are in Malaysia.

There are hundreds of fine-looking islands within Malaysia but Redang Island is a well known isle in Kuala Nerus District, Terengganu, Malaysia due to its superior splendor. The Island is one of the biggest islands off the east shore of Peninsular Malaysia. Redang Island is well renowned for its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. Visitors to Redang Island will be mesmerized by the beauty of the Island and Its supreme fresh, biodiversity and marine organisms can make anyone awe-inspiring. The island offers something to every tourist and you have to make sure to enjoy the magic of this island by traveling alone or traveling with your family, or friends.

Here is a close look at the pure beauty of Redang Island in Malaysia:


One of the most important features that make Redang Island exceptional is its sea. The island is widely known for its beautiful and eye-catching seas. The sea at Redang is really stunning and fascinating to all visitors regardless of their age and gender. The sea of Redang Island is home to massive sea turtles and local fertility. The thousands of fishes seen in the sea can make every tourist excited and view fish swimming in the sea can indeed worth your visit to the island. You will find the seas in Redang Island just as some colorful paintings.

Beautiful Beaches

Redang Island is packed with beautiful beaches. Without a doubt, the majority of people seek out rest and recreation for the white sandy beaches, as well as the crystal clear waters. If you are looking for white sandy beaches and the crystal clear waters to take a bath, you should check into the beaches in Redang Island. The island presents some of the greatest tropical beaches in Malaysia. The sandy beaches of this Island are undoubtedly the finest in the east coast side of Malaysia. Some of the most excellent and renowned beaches in Redang Island include Coral Beach, Taaras Beach, Mutiara Beach, Teluk Dalam Beach, Pasir Panjang Beach, Pasir Kalong Beach, Pasir Pinang Beach, Sekinchan Beach, Sari Pacifica Beach, etc.

Beautiful Coral Reefs

Redang is the major island off the east shore of Peninsular Malaysia. The Island is widely renowned for its crystal clear sea water, never-ending extended white sand beaches and the varied ecology. There are many attractions that you can spot when you visit the island and one of them will be its beautiful coral reefs. The island is a tropical island in Malaysia that is packed with beautiful coral reefs. Coral reefs around the globe are under danger due to overfishing, pollution and global climate change but Redang Island is rich in coral reef.


Snorkeling is an important and well enjoyed activity amid tourists in Redang Island. Many of the beaches in Redang Island make available an amazing snorkeling experience to the tourists. Redang presents a safe snorkeling experience to the visitors. Tourists can come across a number of snorkeling resorts in Redang Island and all the resorts make available snorkeling trips. Most of the resorts offer vacation package and lease snorkeling tools like masks, snorkel and life jackets to the tourists. Since the seas in the island are packed with crystal clear waters with a profusion of oceanic life, the island is the ideal place to go for snorkeling.

Sea Turtles

If you decide to tour to Redang Island, you will be able to watch the life of sea turtles. Scores of tourists love to see turtles and the island will help them to accomplish their wish. There are quite a few spots that allow you to watch the life of sea turtles and one of them is Pasir Chagar Hutang. Pasir Chagar Hutang is an excellent place in the Island where plenty of turtles come around to mate and put eggs. One of the most popular turtles in the island is Green turtles. Visitors can see a lot of turtles from this island and learn many things about them.

Diving In the Water

Diving is another important and well liked activity in Redang Island. Scuba diving can offer you a great experience. You can dive deep in Tanjung Lang and Tanjung Tokong. Tanjung Lang and Tanjung Tokong are said to be two much loved diving spots in the world. The clean sea water in the island will definitely give divers heavenly experience. A good amount of resorts in the island offer diving service.

Redang Island is a paradise to the tourists and it can be found on the east side of Malaysia. The well-appointed and deluxe resorts on the island can show you the wonder of this glorious island. It is a well renowned place for diving and snorkeling activities. The island is visited by plenty of tourists each year and tourists can get a taste of white sandy beaches in Redang Island.

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