Put Windows to Work: 3 Tips from an Interior Designer

Letting in plenty of natural light is the simplest and most effective way of enhancing any interior space, whatever the mood you’re trying to create. However, if you want to be a little bolder in your design and create something really unique, there are some incredibly creative ways to integrate windows as central design features, rather than just necessary elements. We’ve selected four projects in which the design potential of windows is harnessed to enrich the overall feel of the project. The examples detailed here are projects completed by Callender Howorth – a team of top luxury interior designers in London, known for their innovative design compositions, which shape and define the atmosphere of a space from wall to wall. Let there be no doubt, these professional interior design concepts can inspire the use of windows in your space.

Flamingo International Commercial HQ: there are no rules when it comes to shapes.

Whoever said windows had to be rectangular? Unusually shaped windows can create a real sense of playfulness in a space, particularly if you’re looking to inspire creativity in your home or place of work. The bold design of the Flamingo International Offices in London is a prime example of unusually shaped windows done properly; the oval, porthole-style windows transform the clean and simple meeting rooms into a much livelier and atmospheric setting in order to bring a sense of fun, and spark brilliant brainstorming sessions. These window designs aren’t for the faint-hearted, but there’s no question that they create a really striking look, which transforms the whole room. If you’re thinking of ways to put this idea to use in your own home, then round or oval windows can make a really exciting and cheerful choice for children’s bedrooms, playrooms or staircases.

The Luxury Swiss Chalet Project: make the most of an incredible view.

If you’ve got the kind of view you don’t want to miss an inch of, then there really is only one way for it: take the plunge and install floor-to-ceiling windows. Of course, there are some careful privacy considerations to make before you think of imitating this bold, modern design, but if the location is right then the resulting effect is hard to beat. Be inspired by the design of Sir Norman Foster’s luxury Swiss ski chalet, which combines breath-taking Swiss mountain views with the ultra-sophisticated Callender Howorth interior design concept. The property is filled with sleek, modern pieces that are bathed in light from the expansive windows. If your home can’t allow for quite so much glass as this stunning project, consider applying the idea to one room and create a beautifully light and bright kitchen or living room space by using full-length patio doors.

The Regent’s Park House Project: unleash your creativity with a completely bespoke design.

One of the most unusual and exciting projects Callender Howorth has worked on, this Regents Park House design sets the bar for creative window use within a living space. The space-age design uses a combination of glass and water across each of its floors to create a glistening suntrap, but the ultimate highlight is the custom gull wing windows, which open automatically, allowing the sky to become the only ceiling. This transforms the indoors to the outdoors on a sunny day, and provides magical access on a starry night, for an unrivalled sense of atmosphere. The windows in this design create a truly iconic space, using the latest technology to create something that is as functional as it is beautiful.

The Exchange Building Project: open-plan living brought to life.

Open-plan living is a desirable way of life in the contemporary mind-set; yet segmenting a room is of vital importance for reasons of privacy and comfort. In order to create a flowing sense of openness with a space that is pervaded by light, the team at Callender Howorth used glass partitions in the Exchange Building Project. The team’s brief was ‘New York loft’; the full-length windows ensure that this was achieved.

Windows can be used in a variety of ways to accomplish a variety of effects. With limitless potential, it’s up to you to indulge your design fantasies.

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