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Quarantine Blues: Romantic Honeymoon Alternative Ideas

A wedding ceremony is, of course, a long-awaited and happy day. But preparing for it requires a lot of time, physical and material costs. Even if it was in these hard times during the corona pandemic. Therefore, the newlyweds definitely deserve a rest after the celebration. And, yes, you already think about how your honeymoon is ruined because you can’t travel to your dream destination. But don’t be so negative! You will have a lifetime to travel together, and your honeymoon can be perfect even if you spend it at home.
Every evening can be a mini-honeymoon, you can make it special and unforgettable. Here are some ideas.

Romantic dinner – a classic of the genre

The most obvious option for an evening for two is a romantic dinner. So that the time spent together will be remembered for a long time, organise it in a special way — creative imagination and a touch of creativity will be very useful.

Dimmed light, pleasant soulful music, beautiful table setting, of course, will create the appropriate atmosphere. But besides this, try to surprise your soul mate: prepare an original symbolic gift (possibly made with your own hands), which then will each time remind you of your best moments, and if you have culinary talents, prepare something special, think out an unusual serving of dishes.

Make food together

Where without tasty food? I recommend making a menu. Do not cook something trivial: eggs and bacon or chicken in the oven is not your option. Experiment with the ingredients. Buy foods you’ve never bought before and make dinner out of them. Find interesting and original recipes for desserts, pastries, hot dishes — and enjoy your culinary creations together. Even if your culinary experiment does not end successfully, pizza delivery rarely takes more than an hour.

Arrange a camp in your living room

Have some fun and remember your childhood. Make a tent from the blankets, climb inside and tell each other scary stories about ghosts.

Review and plan

Get a world map or globe at home. Mark the countries and cities that you have visited together, remember funny stories and review photos. And then plan your next trip, when the lockdown is over.

Home theatre

It should not be an ordinary evening in front of the TV in pyjamas and with a bunch of chips. Approach this process more romantically. Choose a movie in advance: a comedy or something erotic, just no TV shows and tearful dramas. Buy popcorn or make strawberries with whipped cream. A relaxing, unobtrusive romantic evening in the arms of your loved one is guaranteed. You can also arrange a nostalgic revision of your favourite movie sagas. Yes, you know “Harry Potter”, “Star Wars” or “The Lord of the Rings” almost by heart, but have they really become less beloved from this?

Choose a mini-series that you can watch all over the evening or weekend. However, the season of the adored “Friends” or “The Big Bang Theory” is also a great choice for a home movie show.

Evening of sweets

Buy or order unusual sweets. It can be cakes or some kind of handmade sweets, for example, strawberries in chocolate, or desserts that you both long wanted to try for a long time. Brew your favourite tea or coffee. Take out the beautiful dishes. Turn on pleasant music, sit back and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

A simple evening of conversations

This evening can be devoted to simple and sincere communication. Talk with your partner about topics that matter. For example, you can discuss a joint future, ideas and plans, and take stock of past years. Remember how you met, and all the great moments of your relationship.

Spa-salon at home

The main thing here is not the choice of scrub or foam for the bath, but the atmosphere itself. Light candles, dim the lights, turn on relaxing music, pour some wine in nice glasses, cut fruits … and enjoy the bath together. You can rub each other’s back, make face masks and have a great time.

Milk bath

A milk bath is a great alternative to a champagne bath. It will not only moisturize the skin, nourishes it with useful substances and make it silky, but it will also bring a little novelty and creativity to the ordinary course of the relationship. Fill the bathtub with hot water, and then add a few litres of milk.

Massage with essential oils

What could be more pleasant and useful than a relaxing body massage? Especially in the evening, and when a loved one does it. The smell of essential oils such as orange, lavender, rose and jasmine, not only have a beneficial effect on overall well-being and health but also sets the mood for a romantic date.

Evening of degustation

It is better to prepare in advance for such a plot of a romantic evening and discuss all the nuances with a partner. You can arrange a tasting of anything. For example cheese, seafood, cold cuts or wine. Or a little bit of everything, arranging all sorts of food — it depends on your tastes and financial capabilities. Dim the lights, turn on your favourite music. Dress more beautifully and together enjoy a pleasant meal, discovering new tastes in food.

Dancing night

Have an unforgettable evening of dancing with your loved one. Decide on a repertoire and style. It can be a disco of the 90s, a tango evening, a rock party. Do not be shy of your desire, come off to the fullest! After all, the more unusual you spend the evening, the more pleasant it will be remembered.

Evening of games

Role-playing games, board or computer games — it all depends on your preferences. You can play cards look for a hidden object or just make riddles to each other. Whoever guesses more wins the prize!

If you want something unusual and new — do home cosplay. You can dress as Mr and Mrs Smith for example. Laughter and fun are provided!

Creative evening

As one of the options for an unusual romantic date at home can be an evening of creativity. You can alternately read each other verses on a love theme, quote your favourite authors, draw a picture together or come up with a song that you will remember for your whole life.


You can arrange a family or thematic photoshoot. To do this, you do not need special professional equipment and special extra costs. You can do it with an ordinary smartphone. Choose your clothes in advance and decorate the place for a photoshoot. Play with the light, use candles. The background can be made from a white sheet or coloured fabric. Or you can do extra with some interesting photography backdrops. You can fool around and make funny faces, you can put on wigs and paint each other with face painting… The main thing is to agree on which photos will go to social networks and which ones exclusively for the home archive.

A letter to the future

Sit together and write a letter to the future. Write to yourself about your plans, goals, dreams. This will help you get close, and it’s also a good visualisation practice.


We sincerely hope that the coronavirus will be defeated in the near future, and you will use this advice even after the end of quarantine. After all, you should always have a special time with your soulmate, not just at the beginning of your marriage.

Stay safe and have a great honeymoon at home!

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