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Recreating Interior Trends with Simple Home Updates

Keeping your home décor on trend can be time consuming and expensive but there are simple changes you can make to stay up to date with the latest trends.

Lighting, colour schemes and furniture are the main elements of a room’s design that can be changed easily. All you have to know is exactly what the current trends are and luckily for you we have already done the research.

Chill Insurance have created some amazing visuals to display the latest trends that will really help you put them into perspective.


One trend that seems to have taken over is that of bringing the outside in. During lockdown we have all become keen gardeners and as winter sets in this doesn’t have to end, simply strategically placing plants around the home will brighten your room and keep that green thumb alive.

There are a number of houseplants that can help brighten the home and some of the most popular are Aloe and small succulents. Choosing your plant is just one challenge, you also have to keep them alive!

Remember the basics of water and sunlight so ensure your plants are near a window. There’s plenty of advice online about maintaining houseplants but to get you started try Gardenista.

As mentioned, the best rooms for plants are those with large windows – usually a kitchen or living room. There are also many ways to plant houseplants as you can see from the image above you could use wall hangings as well as the traditional pots.

Recycle and Upcycle

Most trends will come back in fashion at some point so looking at the style of your favourite decade will help inspire your creativity.

Obviously, investing in new furniture can cost a pretty penny but like most things in 2020 it’s all about recycling and upcycling.

Look around, you probably have a table, sofa and coffee table that could be easily modified to bring into the 21st Century.

To upcycle furniture, you should look at getting sand paper, paint and maybe some fabric depending on the item you want to spruce up. Before starting your project take a look on YouTube for how to guides that offer step by step instructions and practical advice.

Any room can be updated by upcycling including bedrooms, bathrooms and even toilets. You just need to know what type of effect you are going for and research before starting.

Add some glamour

We all love a little glamour in our lives from time to time, and one trend is minimalist, bright spaces with warm tones to add a hint of luxury.

This trend comes from the Kardashian lifestyle that has swept the world in the 21st Century, their homes are very minimalistic and can be quite easy to reimagine for smaller spaces.

The white walls help open spaces up which works extremely well in small rooms along with large glass panels or long mirrors which have similar effects.

Adding colour into these spaces can be done easily and at little cost, as already discussed you can upcycle or head to your local thrift store for those fast fashion items such as gold frames and light fixings. You don’t want to invest too much as this is just a trend. By only purchasing accessories for the room you are keeping costs low but staying on trend.

This glamorous feel can be added to any room by looking at the positioning of items and the colour schemes incorporated.

These three trends are healthy for the mind as well as the pocket so what are you waiting for give them a go and share your results with us.

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