Recreational Idyll in Bansko

Natural beauty, luxury hotels, ski and golf courses, quality service and hospitality is what crowns the famous tourist resort of Bansko at Pirin Mountain in Bulgaria. In the last ten years that place has become known everywhere destination that offers unforgettable moments of fun and relaxation. The popular Bulgarian resort Bansko will be your best option if you want to ski somewhere in Europe.

Bansko, under the protection of UNESCO and hotel accommodations in winter, daily is visited by over 5000 visitors. Annually it is over half a million visitors. The resort and its expansion over the last 15 years, means a huge succes. It is a result of great strategy for tourism development, which should serve as an example for other countries in the region and beyond.

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The city of Bansko has 8221 inhabitants. Housed under the Pirin Mountain, it is winter destination for tourists from all over the world. Situated at an altitude of 925 meters centre has 17 ski trails in length of 75 kilometres and 27 ski lifts. The highest point of the ski centre is 2560 meters and the lowest 1000 feet. The paths are equipped with excellent cable cars and daily tickets are not at all expensive for the service you receive. Among the tourists you will find Macedonians, Serbs, Romanians, Greeks, Russians and Britons. Noticeable is the rapid development of Bansko and the environment, especially the construction of huge hotel complexes. New hotels popping up like mushrooms, construction activities occurring at any vacant land.

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According to information from some locals, the financial crisis of 2008 hit and that segment in Bulgaria, and you will see many uncompleted complexes. Some of them stand empty because of the reduced number of guests. Bansko center was visited 12 months a year. From March to October, Bansko is famous because of pure mountain air, hiking trails, golf courses and in the winter because of the rich offer for fans of winter sports.

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