From Resort to Residence: Making the Move to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

For some, a visit to Jackson Hole, Wyoming becomes a permanent stay.  The fresh air, majestic mountains, and friendly neighbors are just a few pleasantries affecting those who come to the quaint town.  If you’ve been there, you already understand the temptation in staying.  Here are a number of reasons those who visit never want to leave Jackson Hole.

Low But Rising

The cost of living in Wyoming is below the American average, yet the area’s popularity influences the costs of homes and prices in popular towns such as Jackson Hole.  The area’s low real estate and tax prices, in combination with high paying jobs and a variety of homes, attract new and repeat homeowners.

Corner of Broadway and Cache Town

Image by Latham Jenkins via Flickr

Town Square

Image by Latham Jenkins via Flickr

Free Riding

The average commute for Wyoming residents is below 15 minutes, yet a majority of Wyoming, sprawled and rural, is spacious with pockets of city life.  Major highways, buses, trains, and airports make it easy to get to and from the area.  Local communities and state governments have protocols set in place for severe weather and road clearance, yet safety is something for residents to consider in regard to driving to work, friends, and family members.

Stagecoach at Townsquare

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Windy and Clear

The climate in Jackson Hole is arid, dry, and windy.  The area gets less than 10 inches of rainfall throughout the year.  Additionally, temperatures get extreme, with heavy snow in the winter and plenty of sunshine and dry climates in the summer.  Warm, Chinook winds blow through the area in the spring and summer and make temperatures rise to 90 and above.

Grand Teton National Park

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The Milky Way over the John Moulton Barn

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Fall colors

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Jackson Hole hosts nationally-recognized high schools.  The area, also providing premier elementary education, is close to the University of Wyoming and Casper College.  Those moving to Wyoming with children or planning on it feel secure in the educational options.  Additionally, with the University of Phoenix and other online university courses available, as well as private tutor and public learning centers, parents have a lot of options to consider.

Aspens on fire at Oxbow Bend

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Wyoming is known as the Equality State.  At the beginning of 2012, it had an unemployment rater lower than the national average.  Expansion in energy and mining industries spurs economic growth and employment rates in other sectors throughout the state including education and healthcare.  A huge target for domestic and international travelers, the town offers a bustling tourism industry, with many permanent residents taking jobs at ski resorts and Jackson Hole luxury hotels.

Teton Village & The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

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Amangani Hotel

Image by Steve Jurvetson via Flickr


There’s never a lack of outdoor activity in such a spacious and active community.  Whether skiing and snowboarding in the winter, hiking and camping in the spring, or cycling and climbing in the summer months, there’s no lack of exercise for residents.  Toddlers are taught to ski from an early age and aging residents are never too old to adopt a new sport and active hobby.  Neighbors enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors within a like-minded community.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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Wyoming on horseback

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If you’re considering visiting, you may as well tinker with the notion of making Jackson Hole, Wyoming your permanent residence.  You wouldn’t be the first to make it a new home.

Jerry Wheeler is a frequent visitor to the hills of Wyoming. When he’s not there, he’s writing about the area online. Look for his engaging posts on a variety of blogs and websites today.

Jackson Lake

Image by Bureau of Land Management Oregon/Washington via Flickr

Mormon Barn

Image by Allan Harris via Flickr

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