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10 Breathtaking Resorts with Overwater Bungalows

In this article, dear followers, you can find amazing photos of resorts in the most exotic islands of our world. All those resorts are featured with amazing overwater bungalows. If you haven’t planned where to go this summer, here is a list of resorts where you could possibly go. Don’t hesitate if you have a budget to visit these places, you won’t regret it.

Punta Caracol, Panama

This hotel is a collection of wooden overwater bungalows. The cabins at Punta Caracol have palm roofs and four-posted beds. They serve mainly caribbean food and every cabin has own solar panel electricity. This hotel with overwater bungalows organizes many different activities like: snorkeling, diving, dolphin watching and more.

Image by Patrick Goddi via Flickr

Image by Michael (a.k.a. moik) McCullough via Flickr

Constance Moofushi Resort, Maldives

Why would you go to constance Moofushi Resort in Maldives? One simple reason. To enjoy the luxury and simplicity of a resort located on a small castaway island. This resort features overwater bungalows that are near the white sand beaches and above the azure waters of Maldives.

Image by faiyu Shafyq via Flickr

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Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa, French Polynesia

This resort is in traditional Polynesian style that is only 10 min away from the main airport. It offers unique overwater bungalows that all features ceiling fans, air conditions, minibars and all features that a five star hotel offers. After the swimming inside the ocean waters you can always join the infinity pool and relax even more.

Image by Pierre Lesage via Flickr

Image by Luis Rodriguez via Flickr

One&Only Reethi Rah, Maldives

One&Only Reethi Rah is a resort that offers a tropical magic that will make you have an unforgettable time. This resort is a jewel among the coral reefs, great lagoons and the white sands. Here you can get accommodated in of the 130 private resort villas, some of them are overwater bungalows. Here you can get on endless number of activities that will ensure you for having a great time.

Image by Sarah Ackerman via Flickr

Image by Sarah Ackerman via Flickr

Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort, French Polynesia

The name Tikehau means “Peaceful Landing”. This resort is settled inside a 26 km long lagoon inside a great coral reef. The overwater bungalows above the azure waters of French Polynesia are making the time spent here to be unique. This resort offers 13 overwater bungalows that features everything you will need for great time.

Image by pablo_marx via Flickr

Image by pablo_marx via Flickr

Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa, Bora Bora

Settled on a white sands and blue lagoon, Nui Resort & Spa is an idyllic retreat. Featured with interesting and beautiful overwater bungalows, this resort also offers a great landscape views inside every each of them. Here in Bora Bora the great activities you can do are the water sports. Exploring the blue water and the coral reefs is another good thing that this place offers.

Image by pablo_marx via Flickr

Image by Jan Ottenbourg via Flickr

Vahine Island Resort Tahaa, Tahaa, French Polynesia

Resort located on private isle north form Tahaa, offers unique experiences for the visitors. Overwater bungalows and restaurant with a traditional style are a perfect opportunity to try something different. Surrounded with white sand beaches and tranquil lagoon, there is no way you wont enjoy your stay in this resort.

Image by Pierre Lesage via Flickr

Image by Alex F via Flickr

Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

Song Saa Private Island lies in the warm waters of Gulf of Thailand. This private island is 35 min away from Sihanoukville. In this resort you will enjoy your time by playing and forgetting about work. The warm nights in the overwater bungalows will make this experience even better. Here you can come with your family and relax or with your beloved one and have the most romantic vacation in your lifetime.

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El Nido Apulit Island Resort, Philippines

Apulit Island located in Taytay, offers an idyllic getaway for those who want to enjoy their time in a tropical place. Here you can visit the El Nido resort under the great cliff, on white-sand beach and with overwater bungalows. The diverse tropical life will keep you company for the time spent here. The beaches are unique with coconut palm trees. Guests here can go snorkeling, diving, do marine sports, relax in the bars and whatever other they want to.

Image by Jack Versloot via Flickr

Image by Jo Anthony Fortugaleza via Flickr

Le Meridien, Bora Bora

Le Meridien resort in Bora Bora is a perfect place for you. Completely renovated in 2010-2011 in a contemporary and elegant design. This luxury resort offers a great seascapes over the awe-inspiring lagoon and a great sight of the Mount “Otemanu”. The Resort offers overwater bungalows in which the nights there will be magical.

Image by Pierre Lesage via Flickr

Image by CP® via Flickr

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