Riomaggiore – Town that you just have to visit!

Italy is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world and some cities there are really unique in its beauty and strange! Perfect example of an unusual city is irresistibly charming Italian town Riomaggiore that abounds with colorful houses condensed rise one above the other, looking toward the bay, harbor and small sandy beach.

Riomaggiore cheerful town looks like a toy town. It was developed in the thirteenth century and is known for quality wine from local Beuren. The main street, Via Colombo, housed numerous restaurants, cafes and shops.

The location of the city Riomaggiore gives the impression to the town escaped the valley protected by two hills ending with steep rocks submerged in the sea. Between the houses and streets pass steep paths. Visiting this town, people should be prepared for the large number of stairs because the whole city lies on a large hill.

Each townhouse has two entrances, the first and main entrance is on the street below, and the second is the back of the house that came on the road over the building. In the sixteenth century, the second entry served to run the family in case of an incident.

The colorful city can fully walk in one day, but for visitors the best is to stay one day to rest and prepare for the rest of the trip to Italy. Below you can see awesome photos of this brilliant town that will gonna blow your mind.

Image by Scott Ingram via Flickr

Image by Edgar Barany C via Flickr

Image by Aida S via Flickr

Image by Xavier via Flickr

Image by Koen via Flickr

Image by Randy Durrum via Flickr

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