Road Trip This Summer? How to Prepare Your RV for a Smooth Vacation

When summertime comes, it’s time to roam. This is the season when you can have fun outdoors with your family or friends. However, to enjoy your roaming, preparing your RV for the task is paramount. Whether you rent or own an RV, here are preparation tips to make it fit for your summer road trip.

Do a Deep Cleaning

A better place to start preparing your RV for a summer road trip is cleaning the vehicle. There could be chances it has accumulated dirt and grime over the preceding spring and winter months. Using a brush, soap, and wax, clean the exterior part of the vehicle, including the tires.

Inspect the Tires

Now that your RV is clean and sparkling, you should take a look at the tires. Since they are the part of the vehicle that will be in contact with the road surface, your tires should be given extra care. Check whether they are well inflated and that they don’t show any sign of defects such as bulges and gouges. You may want to carry with you a spare tire, just in case something happens during the trip.

Top Off the Vehicle Fluids

Vehicle fluids act like the blood in the body. While there are various types of vehicle fluids, they all work to ensure your RV performs well during the summer trip. A golden rule of thumb is to correct the levels of the fluids before starting the trip. Make sure you check the transmission fluid, power steering fluid, engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid. Some companies, like Elite Automotive, know that checking your RV for proper fluids and needed repairs is smart.

Check the RV Toilet

Whether you are heading to a campsite, park, or countryside adventure, having a bathroom to use makes a huge difference. Therefore, ensure the RV toilet is properly working. If there is any leakage, this is the time to have it repaired. What’s more, you should ensure water isn’t an issue during your travels. Last but not least, stock RV-friendly toilet paper.

Test the Lights

Lights are essential for safe driving. While your headlights will be the main source of light, there are certainly other bulbs within the vehicle. Before you set off on your journey, it’s advisable that you turn them on to confirm that they are working. You don’t want to get frustrated by darkness during your vacation.

Test the Battery

Batteries often deteriorate when stored for long without use. Suppose your RV has been in the garage for a long time. It’s important that you check the battery status. Otherwise, you may be in for a surprise. If the battery is low, you may want to take it to a technician for service before hitting the road.

Your summer trip vacation can only run smoothly if your RV is in prime condition. Whether you are planning a vacation with your family, friends, or workmates, taking the above-mentioned steps will ensure you adequately prepare to avoid unplanned surprises.

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