Rock the Block: What Food to Bring to Your Next Summer Block Party

Throwing a great summer party is sometimes easier said than done. Aside from figuring out who to invite, where to have it and making sure you have lots of entertainment, one question remains unanswered.

What food are you going to serve at this block party? Hor’dourves? Normal burgers? A veggie tray? The options for food are almost limitless. Continue reading to learn what food you should bring to your next summer block party.

Marinated Grilled Vegetables

It’s no party without a vegetable platter, especially one that’s grilled and marinated. You can add any vegetables you want like zucchini, sweet potatoes, onions, cucumbers and radishes. Not only is this smorgasbord of vegetables delicious, it also provides you with your daily vegetable intake. And the best part is that you can add any kind of dip that compliments the marinade!

Chicken Skewers with Vegetables

When you think about food on a stick, you might picture less-than-healthy corndogs. However, skewers of grilled chicken and veggies are one of the best ways to get the party started.

You can add grilled peppers, apples, onions and pineapple. And to top it off, why not throw a spicy peanut butter dipping sauce into the mix? Not only it is bursting with flavor, it’s also guaranteed to get rave reviews.

Turkey Burgers

Nothing says summer like a hamburger, especially one that doesn’t contain half your daily calorie intake. Depending on the brand, turkey burgers contain up to 165 calories. Like any other burger, you can top it with just about any vegetable.

In addition to traditional condiments like ketchup, mustard and mayo, you can always add feta cheese, red onion and spinach on crisp kaiser buns. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

After chowing down on all of the delicious food, you probably still have room for dessert. So, what could be better than a piece of fresh strawberry shortcake? Strawberry shortcake is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without having to worry too much about the fat content. In fact, all you need is fresh strawberries, fat-free angel food cake and a little bit of crème fresh.

While summer is the best time to kick off your sandals and have a good time, it won’t last forever. So, be sure to throw the best summer block party of the year by thinking outside the box and whipping up summertime favorites!

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