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Rock Restaurant Floats in the Middle of Indian Ocean

It is always been a combination of mystery and exoticism. It has attracted the sailors and other world travelers and also had been the target of conquerors. It gave various fruits and spices with its unspoiled nature and fertile soil. We are talking about Zanzibar. And today, thanks to its rich history, tradition and culture, as well as the breathtaking beauty, amazing beaches and palm trees, far away from any civilization, lie down a true gem of the Indian Ocean. That small part of paradise which waits to be experience is called Rock Restaurant.

The fresh sound of the waves of the ocean, endless blue, the smell and taste of the warm meal offering unforgettable and unique experience in the spirit of Africa. Divine view and fresh sea air are forcing visitors to return at this paradise over and over again.

Image by Rod Waddington via Flickr

Image by Malingering via Flickr

Situated on a huge rock in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this wonderful restaurant is officially registered as a wealth of Zanzibar. This exotic place is precisely located on the beach Michanwi Pingwe, where on the huge rock above the water surface, was built a small but idyllic restaurant that floats like a canoe. Simply named as “The Rock Restaurant”, that place is one of the largest attractions that you can hear in this region. It got its name because of its specific location on a high cliff which is 7 meters.

Image by Rod Waddington via Flickr

Image by Rod Waddington via Flickr

This fact gives a magical note of the place where can be gathered 45 people. In Rock Restaurant serve a range of seafood dishes and typical food for the local region. Excellent food and beautiful view there represent the perfect blend, a new experience that you would not get anywhere else. At this Rock restaurant you can arrive by walking, swimming or by private boat, depending on the season and the water level.

Image by Rod Waddington via Flickr

Image by Leonard-B via Flickr

Image by mitchpa1984 via Flickr

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