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Rothenburg, A German Town With Medieval History

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is the full name of, however better known, Rothenburg. This Bavarian little town is a real Heaven on Earth. A small town that offers a lot of things to his visitors, out of which the nature is the most significant one it has! The green land and the natural landscapes are something everyone comes for, except the incomparable German beer.

Image by Brian Wiese via Flickr

From the late Middle Ages Rothenburg was one of those cities which were Free Imperial, up until the year 1803. What’s most famous in this town is actually the old-medieval well-preserved town. It forms part of the Romantic Road which goes through some places in southern Germany. Nowadays is still one of those less known German towns which are a real discovery for everyone who has the opportunity to visit it. It has only about 11,090 inhabitants which speaks itself about its coziness and tranquility. It occupies an area of 41,67 km2 covered in green landscapes that are a food for the eyes.

Image by Mikko Muinonen via Flickr

The Rathaus is one of the most visited and most beautiful places to see in the town. It is actually a town hall that used to be a seat of government for the city-state. There is an old and rare part of the building that dates from 1250 while the newer part of the building which is attached to this one was built in 1572. This tower is one of the only accessible towers in this places. The other ones are located a few kilometers away from the center of the town and are open for tourists to visit and climb only during the day time.

Image by Enrique Domingo via Flickr

The town of Rothenburg lies on a plateau overlooking the Tauber River. The local people claim that the name Rothenburg comes from the German word ‘rot’ which means ‘red’ and the word ‘burg’ which means ‘burgh, medieval fortified settlement’. It refers to the colours of the roofs which are in red colour and overlook the river.

Image by Stefan Jürgensen via Flickr

The town has a special magic during the winter time and the holidays. Its streets, its building, even the nature which otherwise looks tremendous when green in the summer days, looks spectacular covered with snow. If you complete your visit with some mulled red wine which is typical for Germany you wouldn’t want to leave it!

Image by Stefan Jürgensen via Flickr

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