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Santorini – Volcanic Island Created by Nature

Greece has amazing natural beauty, but it is the world’s most known for its beaches that would not leave you indifferent. It has an untouched, rich, proud and a different culture. Greece also is a popular tourist destination, a place which is selected by numerous tourists from all over the world. 227 inhabited islands are surrounded by crystal clear water, preserved nature and beaches with world quality. Enjoyment, relaxation and crazy parties are guaranteed.

The volcanic sand and breathtaking landscapes make the Greek island of Santorini most appreciated resting place. Santorini is one of the most expensive holiday destinations not only in Greece but also beyond. Its spectacular beauty, along with the dynamic nightlife, makes the island one of the main tourist spots in Europe.

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If you want to visit Greece, we advise you to visit Santorini. It is the most famous and most visited tourist island in Greece. Santorini is an island caused by volcano, the place with beautiful scenery and specific beaches of white, red, gray and black sand. It belongs to the Cyclades island group. Volcanic lava destroyed much of the history of this piece of land, but on the other hand formed a bunch of fascinating craters and rocks. Despite the fantastic beaches, the island is also known for beautiful architecture.

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Santorini also known as Thira is an island in the shape of the letter C and together with nearby islands occupies an area of 90.6 square kilometers. This look of Santorini is contribution to the great volcanic eruption that occurred long ago and destroyed the Minoan civilization of Crete. The surface of the smaller islands that are located in the vicinity of Santorini is 15 square kilometers, and they are: Aspronizi, Nea Kameni, Palea Kameni and Thirasia. Fira, the capital of the island is located on top of a hill. From a distance, it looks like the mountain is covered with snow, but if you look closely that are white and pastel houses.

Image by Pedro Szekely via Flickr

Image by Pedro Szekely via Flickr

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