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Scented Candles: Top Creative Candle Designs

Lighting your favorite candles is a great way to practice self-care; the soothing scents and soft, warm glow engage multiple senses and remind us to slow down and savor every moment. Candles also make great home decor styling elements, especially when used as part of a vignette or as a special centerpiece. They’re relatively easy to find, too. Of course, just because they have aisle space in nearly every home decor store doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for your decor. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite creatively-designed scented candles. Make a statement with a uniquely designed candle that will be a home decor centerpiece.

Custom Scented Candles

Celebrate life’s favorite moments with a completely customizable scented candle. Available in a stylish glass jar, these scented candles feature three different fragrances: exotic vanilla bean, warm spice of life, and clean ocean breeze. Consider printing out a special family photo, your favorite digital art, or a quote you love. This custom scented candle would look great on a mantel and is a great option for special event styling, too.

Contrast Woodland Candle

With a creatively marbled exterior, a bowl-shaped candle will add a pop of color to your room or space. Royal blue, black, and white accents would fit perfectly in a living area with darker styling and would make a great addition to a bachelor pad or modern home. It also boasts an intoxicating fragrance—delight your senses with spicy vanilla notes and hints of forest pine and warm spices, too.

Enjoy a warm, musky scent that will fill your home with underlying whispers of spice and forest scents. This style candle also makes a great gift for your partner or son, too!

Skull Candle

A scented skull candle elevates creative candle designs. Choose from a speckled or white snake exterior detailed with gold or silver skulls. We love the way this type of candle combines and contrasts elements of the natural with the unnatural, for a unique take on gothic-inspired decor with fragrance notes of sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, frankincense, and myrrh.

Shop a smokey, gothic-inspired candle. This creative candle design would look great as part of your seasonal Halloween decor!

Crystal Candle

A beautiful candle is great for spiritualists, crystal lovers, and home decor enthusiasts alike. Available in a stylish white, chic black, or bold colors, this candle combines natural elements like crystals and animal prints with a fantastical whimsy. This type of scented candle design would make a beautiful centerpiece on a coffee table or bedroom dresser and would elevate the styling of your favorite shelf vignettes, too.

Monster Incense Burner

A whimsical scented candle design is anything but ordinary. From the creative minds of Los Angeles-based artists Simon and Nikolai Haas, the Monster Incense Burner creature marries fantastical whimsy with high-quality finish and function. Place your favorite incense sticks in the holder attached to the monster’s feet and watch as the smoke spills delicately out of its mouth. It’s a show-stopping centerpiece and also makes a bold decor statement in any living area. Choose from a minimalist black or white or get creative with a bright teal.

Oriental Candle

With a delightfully intricate porcelain design, a bright red candle is a creatively designed piece that will make a bold statement in any home. Reminiscent of far-away travels, this type of scented candle would look great on a mahogany bookshelf or on a darkly colored mantel. Add a touch of Orientalism to your home with this candle.

Keith Haring Candle

Add a touch of modern art to your home styling with these creative candle designs featuring art from Keith Haring. Keith Haring was a New York City-based fine artist who was most well known for his pop art and AIDS activism. With delicate figures and bold red accents, we hope this creative candle design makes you smile as much as we do. This candle features a red or gold finish embellished with Haring’s memorable iconography. Enjoy a lily of the valley scent with notes of jasmine, peony, and musk, or opt for a cinnamon fragrance with layers of caramel, apple, and vanilla. Shop pop art candles!

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