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Seasonal Outdoor & Patio Decorations

As the new spring-summer season approaches, we are looking forward to sunny weather and the long, warm days. While our mood is improving, we could use the emerging energy in order to make a few changes around the house. You will enjoy the fresh air and the upcoming spring even more if you choose to decorate your garden or patio. It’s time to make your big plans come true, and just in case you need some inspiration, we can give you a few interesting ideas.

Cozy corners

If there is some unused space left behind your house, close to the wooden fence, this is the perfect spot for setting up a grill. Perhaps you could make a brick barbecue (it’s easy to set it up) and enjoy your privacy in this peaceful corner of your backyard. However, keep in mind that the others will smell the pleasant aroma of delicious grilled meat and vegetables. Don’t forget about your poor, starving neighbors – call them to join you at dinner and have fun.

Image by Donna Wax, Architect via Houzz

Open air cinema

Hanging out with your friends has never been easier. You can make your own cinema in your garden. Pick the right place beneath the tree and aim the projector carefully to the pre-hung screen on the nearest wall or another tree branch. For your friends and family to be comfortable, set two or three air mattresses on the grass and put a few pillows and blankets on. Mosquitoes and other small bugs could be a nuisance so you could try lighting a garden torch and a mosquito dispel products to get rid of them.  Having all that set and covered, after you hear the well-known beer can opening sound, you are ready for ‘Casablanca’.

Image by The American Institute of Architects via Houzz

Dining patio

Why not to make your patio bigger than it used to be? If you had a bigger patio, you could place a huge dining table with several cane chairs, so instead of having your meal inside, you could eat and drink outside during spring and summer. Also, if you wanted to throw a party for your good friends, here’s where you could place them all without a problem.

Image by Christopher Hoover – Environmental Design Services via Houzz

Swinging in the shade

When you are feeling tired or exhausted after a busy day, there is nothing more comfortable than taking a short nap in a hammock. No matter how old you are, the thought about swinging in the hammock in the tree shade is just irresistibly attractive, wouldn’t you agree?

Image by B. Jane Gardens via Houzz

Near the fireplace

The idea of the blazing campfire during colder nights can warm up even people without any adventurous spirit in them. Luckily, you don’t need to be lost in the wilderness in order to have the crackling fire warm up your soul. Having fire pits in your backyard will allow you to enjoy this incredible feeling whenever you want to.

Image by Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group via Houzz

Your backyard can be so much more than just a place for your garage. You can try clipping boxwood and make different shapes, build a fountain or plant flowers. You can experiment with everything that comes to your mind – from a pirate ship mock to lions, gnomes, mushrooms, and sirens. If you have the proper conditions, you can make a real royal garden out of your plain and common one. All you need is some inspiration and dedication.

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