Select Your Ideal Place According Your Favorite Animal

Certainly some people dream to have vacation which is a bit unusual. That holiday includes swimming with dolphins, walking with penguins or socializes with elephant, monkey or lion. Are you animal lover? Those who love animals are not afraid of them. They are willing for an exotic trip where can enjoy besides many animals. Exactly these people will have ideal vacations in South Africa, Australia, Madagascar or Thailand. So, select your ideal place according your favorite animal.

1. Elephant – Thailand

“Elephant Park” offers an exclusive opportunity to socialize all day with babies elephants, to caress and watch them while playing in the water. Sometimes you have the opportunity to enter the water and having fun together. Also it is not forbidden touching and cuddling of these beautiful creatures.

2. Koalas – Australia

Koalas are cute and little teddy bears with Australian interesting look that attracts you to get closer and to take in your arms. However, they are shy and often are hiding on the trees. In Australia also there are parks where excursions are held. With a walk and a good guide you can learn a lot about them.

3. Giraffe – Kenya

“Giraffe Manor” is a luxury hotel in which you can find everything that you did not expect. While eat breakfast, if you open the window, you may be surprised with a giraffe on a table. Interesting and unusual, but for those who love animals is a real pleasure.

4. Penguins – South Africa

“Table Mountain National Park” is home to many gentle African penguins which walk past you and allow you to close them. In South Africa you can also stay two weeks in a lion reserve where you can help employees to feed small lions with milk. This is a real adventure and an experience that you will not forget.

5. Cats – Japan

“Cat Café” is one of the most popular in Japan. Visitors can enjoy with kittens while drinking their coffee. But there, the rules are according cats and not according to guests. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to disturb them, especially while sleeping. Okunoshima Island in Japan also is known as the island of thousands of wild rabbits. There you can truly enjoy their company.

6. Lemurs – Madagascar

More than 80% of wild exotic animals which living in Madagascar are not present anywhere else. Some of the most irresistible are lemurs which may be photographed closely.

7. Dolphins – Bahamas

Swimming with dolphins is amazing experience. Dolphins will show all their joy, affection and desire for companionship. Let them guide you and you will experience something that is worth living for.

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