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Seven Amazing Coastal Beaches That Will Make You Want To Move To LA

Home to more than four million people, there’s no city like the city of Los Angeles. Commonly known as La-La Land or the City of Angels, the home of Hollywood has plenty of exciting opportunities to offer to its residents. Living in LA can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time, and its residents wouldn’t have it any other way.

LA offers a quality of life like no other; with the fantastic food scene, the incredible weather, the cultural diversity, and the vibrant entertainment scene, LA County has eighty-eight cities for you to choose from.

Deciding which area to live in can be daunting, and even if you have your heart settled on one, looking for a house is a challenging task itself. What makes your job more straightforward is getting a Los Angeles mortgage broker on board so they can help you secure the right financing for your home.

Once you have the technicalities figured out, it’s no secret that LA is a breathtaking place to live in, however, what truly makes it stand out is its coastal beaches. Often considered one of the main reasons why people love living in LA, the county has over 75 miles of the most breathtaking beaches you’ll see.

Here’s our pick of some of the best beaches in the remarkable Los Angeles County area.

Venice Beach

The Venice Beach is often associated with the Venice Boardwalk. You can find a wide array of vendors, selling the most delicious and diverse street food, street performers putting up the most mesmerizing performances, and different cultures blending seamlessly.

Apart from the Boardwalk, though, Venice Beach has silky sands where you can simply lay out your blanket and look onto the Pacific Ocean. It’s the perfect spot for someone who wants to relax and experience a bit of excitement at the same time.

Dockweiler State Beach

Just towards the south of LA, the Dockweiler is one of the most accessible beaches there where you can find parking easily. It’s the perfect swimming spot where you can feel the breeze graze your skin and go out in the still water.

The water, especially, is a sight for sore eyes as it’s crystal clear and is completed by the soft sand you can dig your feet in. All in all, Dockweiler is the ideal spot for you if you’re looking to swim, hang glide or enjoy a barbeque.

Santa Monica State Beach

Perhaps one of the most well-known beaches in the Greater Los Angeles area, Santa Monica Beach is characterized by the Annenberg Community Beach House, and its pier and white sandy beaches. It’s always bustling with people and is one of the most eventful places you will ever find.

From yummy pancakes to thrilling roller coaster rides, there’s plenty to do at Santa Monica Beach. If you’re still bored there, it means you’re not looking hard enough.


We’d be lying if we said we enjoy LA’s heat all the time. It does get a little too much sometimes, which is why, if you’re not feeling the weather, you can always go to a beach up north like Oxnard. Compared to other beaches in LA, the temperature is at least 15 degrees cooler, making it an ideal spot for relaxation.

Additionally, there’s a lot for you to do there, too. It’s impossible for you to get bored at Oxnard from renting a jet ski to taking a backpacking trip across the Channel Islands. If you’re planning on spending the weekend there, you can always rent a beach house and explore nearby areas, such as Oxnard Beach Park, which is an excellent location for families.

El Matador State Beach

This beach could easily be one of the most photogenic and romantic spots in LA. Located in Malibu, El Matador is easily considered the most beautiful beach in the area. Only accessible through a gravelly staircase, the beach is the best spot when you simply want to admire some natural beauty.

The beach is a bit hidden and gives you a glimpse of the sea life tucked away in its many tide pools. Since the beach doesn’t have any of its amenities or services, you should come prepared with your picnic gear, sunscreen, and towels.

Zuma Beach

Another beautiful beach in Malibu, Zuma is characterized by two miles full of vast sands. Perhaps one of the most famous spots at Zuma Beach is its southernmost part, where the rocks almost magically combine with the water. It’s so popular, in fact, that many movies, TV shows, and commercials have been shot here, including Baywatch.

The beach is also a favorite amongst body surfers and boogie boarders who come to enjoy the calm waves. Point Dume, the hiking spot nearby, also attracts attention from a lot of people.

Hermosa Beach

A 2-mile stretch along Santa Monica Bay, Hermosa Beach has clean water and sand, as well as calm waves, making it an excellent location for families. Stand-up paddleboarders and beginner surfers often flock to Hermosa Beach to get the hang of their preferred sports.

The beach also has plenty of volleyball nets set up so visitors can watch and play volleyball. What makes Hermosa Beach genuinely stand out is its seaside community, which is filled with shoppers and people lounging around on the beach and the different outdoor cafes. Lastly, Hermosa Beach’s Pier Plaza is an excellent area for when you don’t feel like putting on sunscreen.


LA’s beach scene is truly like no other. There’s something for everybody with so many options to explore. So whether you’re looking for a place to relax or have fun, LA is the best place to be if the beach is something you simply can’t stay away from.

Which of LA’s beautiful beaches is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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