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Seven Incredible Less Known Destinations In Europe Worth Visiting

If you are an outgoing person who enjoys visiting and exploring new places but at the same time wants to avoid the too crowded cities and places, we have a good suggestion for you. Brace yourself to be inspired to travel more often and be impressed by the beauty of those places.

1. Burano, Italy

If you are a person that likes architecture and history at the same time, think about Burano. It’s a ‘’Venice-like” place with a lot of canals, colorful houses, unique smell and a lot of joy.

Image by Liv Unni Sødem via Flickr

Image by Elena Zamprogno via Flickr

2. Kravice, Bosnia and Herzegovina

When the nature is in question the Balkan countries are always among the top ones you should visit. There are amazing and stunning falls with about 25m high cascades with an extraordinary view. The good thing about them is that if you visit this cute place during the summer, you can even swim in the surrounding pools.

Image by Paula Francos Anllo via Flickr

Image by Mario Fajt via Flickr

3. Dinant, Belgium

This less known Belgium pearl is the birthplace of the inventor of the saxophone, Adolphe Sax. A town with a great musical history and a perfect spot for those who enjoy hiking.

Image by Andrés Nieto Porras via Flickr

Image by Jiuguang Wang via Flickr

4. Bohinj, Slovenia

Another Balkan beauty with a special charm and calmness. It is located in the heart of the Julian Alps. Its beauty is completed by the beautiful Bohinj Lake which gives a special color to this place.

Image by Tom Mrazek via Flickr

Image by Vida Dimovska via Flickr

5. Faial, Portugal

This beautiful small island which is part of the network of volcanic landmasses in the Atlantic Ocean is better known as ‘’the blue island”. The authentic look of this island inhabited by about 15.000 people is the specific blue color of their houses. The beautiful beaches are just another reason to visit this magical island.

Image by jorge ribolhos via Flickr

Image by José Luís Agapito via Flickr

6. Ohrid, Macedonia

A mixture of ancient Roman amphitheatres and as many medieval churches as the days in a whole year is what’s most authentic in this Macedonian most touristic place. The Ohrid Lake is the reason number one why this town is the most visited place in the country. This place has a great historic heritage and it’s UNESCO heritage.

Image by By Inge via Flickr

Image by Franx’ via Flickr

Image by Xiquinho Silva via Flickr

Image by Jaime Pérez via Flickr

Image by Marco Fieber via Flickr

7. Lofoten, Norway

This Norwegian glamorous place is a heaven on Earth for the eyes. The mountains nearby and the sea with its immense colors is what firstly attracts the visitors attention. The nature and the small houses are what make it complete.

Image by Jakob Nilsson-Ehle via Flickr

Image by Gustaw Jot via Flickr

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